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This morning (at approx. 2am), I becamea True Geek(tm). I have been told that one can not call oneself a geek if one has not read Ender's Game. After getting harrassed by my roommate, I decided to read it. I went to a San Jose library January 11, 2000, and checked out the book. It was very good, but I thought near the end it was a cop-out to have <censored for those that haven't read it> at command school.

And snow falls in Michigan.

That's all the headlines needed for today. There was snow. Lots of it. Damn, I love Michigan. You can KEEP your Florida, your California, gimme my snow. I don't care that I'm supposed to be too old to enjoy this.

Today started quite rudely, but I now realize that I CAN get to work on time given 15 minutes to eat, shower, read comics, and get ready. Next time I'll set my alarm.

4 boring hours later, I was back home, killing time before my classes started. I discovered an interesting facet of my life. After I get back from college, I feel the urge to do something creative, such as learn some C++. When I get back from work, I feel the urge to play Unreal Tournament and blow apart the dead, still-intact corpses of my foes with rocket launchers. But that's just me.

Intro to Digital Logic and Microprocessors is a rather boring class, at least right now. It's time to learn about logic gates. Wonderful. My skillful mind, able to distract itself from nearly any given situation, sat down in the lecture hall and started sketching more really lousy sketches in my notebook. Ah, but these are good quality lousiness! Much better than before. I'll put 'em up on Exclaim Industries as soon as I finish the renovation...

My days of experimenting with Linux continue as I jump Window Managers back to Enlightenment. Coupled with Gnome, and the Midnight Commander, it's a fun trip, really. I like the icons. What can I say? I tried making my Windoze experience less painful by trying to convert some of 'em to Windoze icons to replace the ugly Hard Drive, CD-ROM, etc icons in Explorer. When you drop them to 256 colors, Midnight Commander icons don't look nearly as good.

Oh, well. Gotta help a friend find info on King Francis I.

I went out to Manhattan to see another show in the Theatre District. Specifically, I went to the Don't Tell Mama club to see Ruthie Henshall (again). Ruthie was talking to one Seth Rudetsky in his weekly theatre talk show about her performance in the show Putting it Together. Ruthie was accompanied with David Friedman, the composer for the music in the Disney animated movies Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and so on.

Thus went Kit Lo's Ruthie Henshall withdrawal, and entered his momentary Ruthie Henshall relapse. Yes, Ruthie looked cute wearing tight-fitting everythings.

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