Jeffrey Pine is a pine native to the western United States. It is very similar to Ponderosa Pine; but grows in different areas, and has cones which are slightly less spiny. Unlike Ponderosa Pine, which grows in the Western Sierra in extensive groves, Jeffrey Pine prefers the dryer Eastern Sierras, and other dry areas, such as the San Bernadino Mountains. Jeffrey Pine is often a riparian species, growing along creeks and in wet areas. It does sometimes form groves; the largest continuous grove of Jeffrey Pine is found northeast of Mammoth near Deadman's Summit.

Jeffrey Pine can be identified by its lemon/vanilla/banana scent to the bark. This is also charactaristic of Ponderosa Pine, however. They are very difficult to tell apart, and even hybridize freely. Usually the best way to figure out which tree you are looking at is noting which is native to the area you are in.

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