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With fellow Seattle-ite Dan Hoerner, Jeremy Enigk (pron. ee'-nihk) was singer, principal songwriter and founder member of emo legends Sunny Day Real Estate, from their inception under a different name circa 1989 through to 1995, when the band split after their first album Diary. Enigk's unassuming appearance belied an almost unfeasible voice, swooping, quavering and seemingly always getting higher, and an accent that would lead everyone to mistakenly think he was English.

It is generally cited that SDRE's split was caused by Enigk finding God and becoming a born-again Christian, an announcement made in a notorious e-mail to a concerned fan who had heard the band had broken up. Fans thought this was the last they would hear of Sunny Day after the SDRE rhythm section left to join Dave Grohl's nascent Foo Fighters, but Enigk returned a year later with typically uncategorizable new material.

Seemingly no stranger to rock'n'roll cliche (what with spiritual enlightenment and members leaving to join higher-profile bands), Enigk's first solo album Return of the Frog Queen, released on SDRE's label Sub Pop, saw him heading out with only his acoustic guitar, his voice... and a 21-piece orchestra. The album neatly avoided the usual cause and effect of orchestral backing, namely massive cocaine use and yawnworthy self-indulgence. Instead, it planted itself firmly at the divide between classical and punk, taking SDRE's yearning and their more ambient guitar work and layering it with oboes, xylophones and string sections among others. The result was by turns stately, pastoral and mildly psychedelic, with tracks such as "Explain" earning comparisons to early Pink Floyd.

In 1997, Sunny Day Real Estate reformed and have since released two further studio albums and a live set. Jeremy Enigk has not since released any more solo work, but apparently plans to release an album of 4-track material and an album "with more of a Japanese theme" in the future.

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