Jerkcity is possibly the best web comic of all time. Technically sparse, and with disjointed, surreal dialogue, it is a little difficult to follow at first. In fact, most of the people I've shown it too find it offensive, and usually just plain dumb. Take the time to read through their archives, and through a barrage of base behaviour and expletives, an engrossing study of five strange (and often hilarious) characters emerges. Although many readers don't realise it (hard to believe, but apparently true), Jerkcity is made up entirely of excerpts from the IRC chat logs of the main cast, visualised with Microsoft Chat (aka Comic Chat). These are (approx.) five twisted guys, playing characters that reflect and distort their personalities.

But the main thing about Jerkcity is the cocksucking. It never stops. Almost every strip makes reference to exuberant and noisy acts of male homosexuality. Lickin' the dick is represented by a string of characters like this : "AGALGAHLGALALGHALAG". The MS Chat avatars used to represent the characters (thankfully) can never actually carry out the plots that the dialogue describes, but succeed in conveying a lot of emotion. (See the jerkcity players). Jerkcity is also responsible for the perfect written onomatopeia of human beat box : "A pfffft, a frrrrp. A pffffft pffffft frrp." The artwork in Jerkcity was originally done for Microsoft by Jim Woodring, who is apparently cool about the whole thing. The one good thing that Microsoft ever did, in fact, was to put Chat under the Office licence : allowing it to be used to create publications where M$ have no responsibility for the content.

The great thing about Jerkcity is that it lampoons homophobia by demonstrating what the average illiterate homophobic fratboy type must think homosexuals actually do. The constant cocksucking, anal sex and semen references rammed down your throat (pun intended) is a classic reference to the way that the dumbass fratboys in my experience talked about gay men. Jerkcity steals the trappings of that mindset and turns them on their owners, demonstrating how hilariously sad homophobes really are.

A perfect example of what I mean:

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