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Jian Ghomeshi is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Best known for his singing, songwriting and drumming with the folk-rock (if you really want to classify it) group Moxy Früvous, Jian has recently begun a solo career.

With Moxy Früvous, Jian has toured extensivley throughout the US and Canada, and written songs for the group like "Sad Girl", "Stuck in the 90's", and "I Will Hold On".

Recently, Jian has emerged as a producer, working with artists like Dar Williams and Martina Sorbara, and has also as an essayist, with works appearing in the Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, and the Globe and Mail.

Jian has recently released his first solo CD titled "the First Six Songs...", and is touring through the northeastern United States and Canada.

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