Two gentlemen are sitting in a sauna at an upmarket sports club. One is from Japan and the other is from Germany. This sports club is in a seaside resort where they are attending a conference. These two guys are in the electronics industry and are friendly rivals.

They are both completely naked in the sauna trying to one-up each other with the technical advances of their respective countries, when the sound of a telephone ringing pierces the steam around them. The German guy looks around but there is no telephone to be seen. The Japanese guy then turns his head to the left and says "Moshi moshi" ("Hello" in Japnese) into his shoulder. He then proceeds to have what appears to be a telephone conversation into his shoulder.

Now the German guy is stupefied and when the Japanese man has apparently finished his "phone" conversation, he asks him what just happened.
"Oh that? In Japan we have telephones in our shoulders. ....You mean you don't have them in Germany?"
The German guy panics and excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet he wracks his brain trying to think of a way to beat this latest development from his countries' modern rival. Finally he comes up with an idea. He takes a piece of toilet paper and positions it so its hanging out of his butt cheeks and proceeds back to the sauna.
When he gets back in the sauna the Japanese guy lets out a laugh and says, "Hey Hans, you got some paper sticking out your ass! ha ha."
The German guy looks over his shoulder and non-chalantly replies, "Oh good, that was the fax I was waiting for."

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