Judy - The Corrs

Judy is a song from The Corrs, which appears in the special edition of their album In Blue. It describes a girl - Judy - who is aching for love, but sadly it stays unrequited to end of the song, the singer only asking the listener if he/she would respond to it.

Here be Lyrics

There used to be the lyrics of the song here, but E2 Copyright Changes made it a bit complicated to keep them, and I can't be bothered, so they're gone. What follows is an impression I had of the song as I heard it one time. Google should be able to help you if you want to see the lyrics.


I was just listening to this song now. It made me think about love, and my (lack of) experience with it. At this current moment in time I find it impossible that I am going to someday end up having someone to love who loves me just as much; past experiences have been traumatic. Sure they say "Just wait, the one for you is to come yet.", and I believe them and I am now waiting. But somehow I can't imagine that someday, some bloody day in the future, I would be smiling to a girl's smile, looking into her eyes, and be hopelessly in love.

After the hardships that have now left my heart petrified, it all just seems impossible.


Postscript, 2003-08-10. I put up the analysis paragraph to keep the node relevant to its title. Analysing the song makes me realize, Judy's situation is/was somewhat parallel to mine. And I've only realized this now.

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