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Note: the following is a pretty sad looking daylog. There is a reason for that. Not only is this the first daylog on the site, it was written in the days of the original Everything, where we had 256 character writeup limits that allowed very little to actually be said. It is preserved here more as a piece of Everything History than actually being worthwhile. Note the 'More of the day' link here - that's how we handled the additional 'feature' of the original Everything that limited a node to having two writeups.

The first day in the Everything Day Logs project.

I had Miracle Whip on a sandwich instead of mustard for the first time in a while, but only because we ran out of mustard.

And I will be ordering from Amazon.com some books I'd like to read, including Neuromancer, Foundation, and The Diamond Age.

Experienced many BSOD's. No, I'm not yet running linux - need a better computer.

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Ordering them from Amazon? Try a library, dude.

Today I will have:

Shot a man, just to watch him die. I picked him up - non-trivial, as he was a bit large - and threw him into the trunk. I cursed as I thought of the long cleanup-job that would ensue in my brand-new Mercedes; it serves me right for killing a man without thinking it out first. Drove back home; I cleaned off some counter space in the kitchen, so I could prepare the man for cooking. Damn! No oregano, and I'm not in the mood for shopping right now... I substituted other herbs in the marinade...

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