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Krasis is a Greek word originally referring to mixing or balance, reflecting the common practice of combining wine with sea water to infuse it with medicinal properties. It was also used to describe a state in which the Four Humours were in balance, and much later in Christianity to describe the addition of water into Communion wine. However, that's not the interesting part...

In the cosmology of the 5th century B.C. Greek philosopher Empedocles, forces of the Universe could be divided into two forces, attraction and division, Love and Strife (yin-yang cosmic dualism, anyone?). According to Philip K. Dick, in the mere fact that the universe exists, he saw the divine balance, krasis, as a sort of binding unity of love.

Now, this may sound like some hokey new age crap, but to anyone who's had a mystical experience of cosmic consciousness, mushroom-induced or otherwise, the endless dueling of the two complementary forces Ch'ien and K'un, Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, +/-, proton and electron, God and Satan - whichever cultural bias one wishes to attach to it - becomes manifested as a necessary process in the creation and maintenance of the Universe. What one realizes in these states, however, is that the conflict is at the same time a union, and that both seemingly opposite poles are in actuality complementary, since neither can exist without the other.

To get to the point, both of these entities, simultaneously attracted and opposed as if by magnetism, are actually splinters of a comprehensive whole, which some have called the Godhead, the Absolute (see Vedanta), the Great Magnet (see Hunter S. Thompson), Allah, the Void. A fragment of this essentially living being, which could be best conceptualized as a primordial vibration, lies within every material thing.

What Empodecles failed to recognize, besides the Oneness itself, was that although it encompassed within itself both love and hate, attraction and repulsion, its essential nature WAS a unity. Hence Empodecles' krasis was one-sided. In an alternate cosmology one could conceive of krasis as being the ultimate reality inherent in anything, living or not, matter or space, which transcends the either/or dichotomies inherent in our biocomputer programming.


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