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AKA Krieg's Atomic War A drinking game for the insane.

Requirements: 1 Six Sided die (d6) 5 Shot Glasses 5 Different spirits or liqueurs

The shot glasses should be lined up in a row and numbered 1 - 5. Glass 1 should have a fairly low strength substance in, such as Baileys or similar. The strength/foulness of the alcohol should increase down the row, with glass 5 containg something like tequilla, sambucca etc.

The competitors now take turns to roll the die. If a 1 is thrown, the contents of glass 1 are swallowed; if a 2 is rolled, glass 2 must be downed, etc Once a shot has been taken, the glass is refilled, and play passes to the next partaker. The 'fun' part comes if a player rolls a 6. In this case, the player must down a shot from each glass, in order from 1 to 5. This is generally accompanied by cries of "Kreeg's Atomic War" from the spectators.

Play continues for a previosly agreed number of rounds or until one of the participents surrenders. If neither surrender befor the end, the game is a draw.

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