I regularly fall to my knees sobbing to thank the good lord above for giving me eyes; the world is so full of pretty girls who are always a joy to behold - after all the female body is the most beautiful work of living breathing art in God's vast creation. However what really makes my eyes worthwhile are those few girls so utterly beautiful they can literally take your breath away. You know the ones - just a glimpse of her can pierce your soul so deeply that you find yourself double-taking; the very sight of her stops you in your tracks and grabs your deepest innards. This happened to me when I first saw Kristin. Without a doubt she is the most beautiful girl ever to grace God's green earth. It is scientific fact.

In case you're wondering who the hell I'm talking about, she is probably best known for her role in the Superman prequel series Smallville, in which she plays the teenaged Clark Kent's secret crush, the ever-unattainable Lana Lang. I have heard it said by some that Allison Mack (who plays Lana's school friend, the budding newspaper reporter Chloe Sullivan) is better looking, but you must never listen to such blatantly apostate blasphemy.

Kristin Laura Kreuk was born to a Dutch father and a Chinese mother (as such her name is probably pronouced with the "eu" sounded a little like the German ö, although I'm no expert) on Thursday December 30, 1982. She is only ickle at 5'4" but she keeps herself in shape, listing gymnastics and dancing as some of her hobbies, along with reading and writing. She had originally intended to go to university for either psychology or environmental studies (sigh, she's smart too) before landing a role in the teen drama series Edgemont, which premiered on US screens in January 2001. She played 16 year-old Laurel, a Toronto urbanite trying to fit in her new surroundings in an outlying Vancouver suburb, a setting which actually wasn't too far from the truth; Kristin was born and raised in Vancouver, where she attended Eric Hamber High School and participated in some of their theatre productions. This acting experience came in useful for her professional debut as Laurel, a part she got almost by accident when her teacher recommended her for the audition, and since then she has gone on to play Lana Lang in Smallville and also the lead role in ABC's 2001 Snow White movie.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much information about Kristin as a person, with many of the interviews I have read being about Smallville, and also generally being too short to go into any personal detail. From what little I have seen of her outside the studio on TV she does indeed seem rather nice (although I am violently biased in her favour), the sort of girl you could take home to your mom (and your dad would like her too). Just face it, life without her is devoid of meaning.

For more info and lots of pretty pictures try any of the following:


or just type "Kristin Kreuk" into Google, you lazy bastard.

amnesiac says I've started referring to Lana Lang as bitch embyro woman and I get told off for swearing in front of the kids. She looks like a foetus.

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