Sometimes we are presented with problems in life so complex that we must call upon the services of a child -- so young, their mind has not been molded into the cast of conventional thought. We all know that it's the children of the world that keep our VCR's from blinking 12:00, and our microwave clocks set. So it comes as no surprise that the most ingenious ideas come from our little ones.

I postulate that as one grows older their IQ grows inversely to his or her age.

As mentioned above, it is children that seem to come up with all the bright ideas. Children’s view of life… off-the-wall lunacy as thought by some, but others bank on these ideas and make their million. The linear regression of intellect can be observed at an early age: Adolescence.

When was the last time you've told your kids that, "they're young, and smart... they've got it all figured out," eh? These crafty teens are already starting to overestimate their once youthful tact, and possibly making mistakes or not thinking things through. But it is still true that they probably had a good idea in mind – or at least they meant well. Don't forget, these guys are still smarter than you... watch out. Ah yes, the days of college. Do you remember them? Probably not, because if you've already graduated then you're probably scores more stupid than you were before you went. It was freshman year -- sometime towards the end that I noticed myself getting significantly less clever by the credit-hour. As I have not graduated yet (I am currently in my sophomore year), I cannot even imagine the depths to which my brain will fall. I’m not as stupid as you think, er – maybe I am. That's why I'm trying to get this write-up out, before I lose the ability to critically think.

As you get older, you start to think less and less clearly, and then ultimately start telling your children that they know it all -- and they've got it all figured out. Just like your parents that you no longer remember enough to heed their words of wisdom. Some are less fortunate than others. Those who are less lucky go completely mind-numb, and end up in homes drooling on themselves. Others remain partially aware, but serve as severe driving hazards on the interstate or on local highways.

Do not fret upon the revelations this write-ups hold (that, once grasped, will probably drop your IQ by a few points) -- there is hope. Although we may grow old and not have the sense to remember our names -- we take with us all the memories of the life we've lived. Yes, those who see it to the end of a well lived life are wise. It's true, you can sit and listen to an old-timer and he will enlighten you to the mysteries of the universe, but he's not going to be able to tell you a damned thing about your DVD-player.

This is the trade-off that we make on a daily basis -- making mistakes, gaining wisdom, losing "smarts". So act now, use what little of your brain you've got left to make the most magnificent works of art the mind can conceive. Make the worst mistakes of your life while you still know it all. Work a calculus problem, solve a Rubik’s cube, or engage a stranger in an intellectual conversation about the Aurora Borealis. Use it while you've got it, because some day it's all going to be gone. And for all you young ones out there: do all the stupid things (that seemed smart at the time) that you can. You aren't going to be smart for the rest of your life, and now is the time to start working on your life's experiences that are going to give you infinite wisdom of your past mistakes. So in the end, maybe it's not intelligence that we should strive for, because intelligence makes us haughty, arrogant zealots. Maybe brains are the things we accumulate to use as bargaining chips for the wisdom we've yet to gain -- or perhaps it's just the ultimate unknown synonym for stupidity.

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