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A strip club located at 1514 S. Western Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada, part of the Deja Vu strip club chain. It is an all-nude club. No alcohol is served. Non-alcoholic beverages are served.

The club's cover charge is $10, and the (required) drink charge is $10 for unlimited non-alcoholic beverages. A free pass, that waives only the cover charge (you still have to pay the drink charge), is available from http://main.dejavu.com/freepass.pdf. As of this writing, the pass expires September 30, 2003.

Table, "shower", and couch dances are offered (each for $20), as well more private dances in theme rooms and VIP rooms.

The girls in the club range from "average" (whatever that is) to "gorgeous", but the club tends to prefer the younger waif look (hence the club's name).

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