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A German company producing fine loudspeakers for home and car applications. Like most German companies famed in the US, they are renowned for their high quality engineering.

MB Quart was founded as MB Peerless as a manufacturer of transducers of all sorts, microphones as well as loudspeakers. The German company entered the nascent US car audio market in the late 1980s, and has gained a reputation for competition-winning quality. The company is now owned by Rockford Corporation, along with Rockford Fosgate and Lightning Audio, and is thus positioned as the corporation's luxury brand.

Like all things German in consumer America, MB Quart takes pride in being pricey, as they utilize more costly manufacturing techniques such as the use of titanium instead of silk in their tweeters, and rubber instead of foam surrounds in their bass and midrange drivers. They follow an aesthetic familiar to American connoisseurs of German engineering, where form follows function and elegance is derived from simplicity. To contrast with other popular brands such as Sony and Kicker, whose styling often evokes that of a Nike sneaker, a speaker looks like ... a speaker.
More important is the sound. Integrity in the process and materials selection translates to solid speakers with minimal distortion, excellent power handling, and a very clean, smooth sound. You pay for it, but such is quality.

Upon purchasing my first set of MB Quart components for my Volkswagen I noted a nice touch on the packaging: there is a fit chart with a complete list of German cars and their compatibility with these speakers. Non-German cars are not listed.

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