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Macy Gray is an absolutely gorgeous artist, very little about her can be described as less than unique. She was born in Canton, Ohio, and grew up listening to soul and hip hop, both are reflected in the style she has created for herself. Despite a career that blossomed only within the last few years, she had been singing for a number of years with a group before she was signed to Epic Records in 1998.

I've always thought her name to be very suiting, natural, she radiates Macy Gray, the truth being she was born Natalie McIntyre. As a young girl she was embarrassed by her voice to the point that everyone assumed her shy, as she rarely spoke, having been made fun of in the past. Singing was the farthest thing from her mind. She was studying screenwriting at the University of Southern California at the time, and needed the money. Even after she started to perform with the small group, playing decent gigs around Southern Cali., she still did not feel confident in her ability as a vocalist. She received much praise and attention as time went on, which eventually lead to her signing with Epic.

Macy has two albums, the id having been released just this year (2001) and on how life is, her debut album released in '99. Singles from these albums include the most recognized, I Try, and Do Something, from "on how life is" and the latest, Sweet Baby, from her new release.

I've noticed that generally people either do not like her voice, or they adore it, it's that sort of situation. Her voice is at the very least a refreshing change from the all too standard female vocalist that seems to have taken over the music industry these days. Her music is most definitely worth listening to, it has a soothing earthy sometimes jazz'y sound, and though I'd suppose it is not for everyone, she has an amazing voice that is perfectly deep and all feeling.

On How Life Is
  1. Why Didn't You Call Me
  2. Do Something
  3. Caligula
  4. I Try
  5. Sex-O-Matic venus Freak
  6. I Can't Wait to Meetchu
  7. Still
  8. I've Committed Murder
  9. A Moment to Myself
  10. The Letter
The Id
  1. Relating to a Psychopath
  2. Boo
  3. Sexual Revolution
  4. Hey Young World, Pt. 2
  5. Sweet Baby
  6. Harry
  7. Gimme All Your Lovin' or I Will Kill You
  8. Don't Come Around
  9. My Nutmeg Phantasy
  10. Freak Like Me
  11. Oblivion
  12. Forgiveness
  13. Blowin' Up Your Speakers
  14. untitled

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