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A Korean memory game. Mal means "word," "yeon gyeol" means "connection" and "ha gi" means "doing." So, basically, the game is called "Word Connection."

Several players sit in a row, or in a circle. One player starts by saying, in a sing-song voice, "(somewhere) ka-myeon (something) it-go!" which means "If you go (somewhere), there is (something)." For example: "Ha-gyo-e ka-myeon yeon-pil it-go!" "If you go to school, there is a pencil!"

The next player then continues by repeating what you said (just the "there is..." part; the "if you go to" part is only said the first time) and then adding something else. For instance; "Yeon-pil it-go hak-saeng-do it-go!" "There is a pencil and there is also a student!" The next player continues, repeating the first two things, and adding one more. It keeps going around the circle or down the line (looping back to the first player eventually) until someone can't remember the whole list (getting it in the right order is necessary, too). At this point, they're out and the rest continue playing.

I see this game played quite often on a Korean game show. To make it more interesting, the players sit in these special chairs. The chairs have sort of arms sticking out of the top with big, soft padded things on the end, covered in something that might be flour, or maybe talcum powder. Anyway, when someone makes a mistake, the padded things come together and smash the person's head between them. They're soft enough not to hurt, but it looks funny, and the person gets their face covered in flour/talcum powder/whatever it is. Like Koong Koong Ta, it makes entertaining viewing for a foreigner who isn't fluent enough in Korean to really understand the rest of Korean television.

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