A punk band from Sierra Vista, Arizona. The band is comprised of:
  • James Martin (guitars/vocals)
  • Octavio Olaje (vocals)
  • Tom Shelden (bass/vocals)
  • Mike Armenta (drums/vocals)
They have released two CD's, which bring back into print their long-sold out vinyl releases from the early 90's. As with all Malignus Youth releases, the CD's were released on their label, Youth Inc. Records. The CD's are: the sound
Many things make Malignus Youth unique in the seemingly endless world of upstart punk bands. The amount of original quality material written is uncommon. Also, the band sings many of their songs in latin, which doesn't help the already nearly indecipherable state of punk lyrics, but does add a interesting touch. Ever drive down Fry Boulevard singing along to a song in latin with no idea what you are saying? I have. But not knowing exactly what I'm singing is ok, because I know all of Malignus Youth's latin material is down-to-earth verse about Christianity. However, I would not classify them a Christian band.

the here and now
After graduating Buena High School and moving away from Sierra Vista to places like Tucson and Phoenix, the band entered a semi-defunct state. This isn't due to any animosity between members as near as I can tell, but rather just the inherent difficulty in rehearsing and playing shows when the members are so far apart. However, they still manage to play shows occasionally.

A few of the members have formed new bands as well, including:

MP3's of Malignus Youth are hard to find on Napster, but the band has posted a bunch on mp3.com. I recommend giving them a listen. If you decide to buy a CD, I recommend Missa Brevis / Ephemeral.

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