The only high school in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Home of the Fighting Colts. Student population of 2,800. The school is only ment to hold 2,500 students, so this makes it just peachy to get around in the hallways. Somewhat famous for: track team, wrestling, vocational education, and being really, really, crowded.

Buena High School has also traditionally had a decent percussion group. The theatre tech class is usually pretty good too- Buena's got a decent, high tech theatre. BHS was recently re-evaluated in terms of maximum number of students, and the state now claims that more than 3000 students can fit in, although this is a dubious prospect at best for anyone who's spent any time there. This re-evaluation was done based upon the TOTAL square footage of the building, not on classroom size, so Buena's expansive lobby counted toward the total. Ironically, the state government's program that caused the re-evaluation was called "Students First". Go figure.

Buena's air circulation system was not up to spec, and they had to re-build it, due to the complaints of sick students.

It seems like most of the instructors are Bisbee rejects, especially the ones teaching social studies.

Buena (at least while I was there) was on a three-rotation lunch schedule, which meant that you had approximately a 1 in 3 chance of having the same lunch period as a given friend. Needless to say, the incidence of students skipping their 5th hour class and going to all three lunches was extremely high.

Another thing about Buena is that the students have very little to do- so of course they spend their time getting drunk, high, or laid, or some combination of the above. The close proximity of the Mexican border makes Mexico a popular place to do these things.

One thing I discovered during my tenure there is that if you don't get much trouble during the first 2 years there, you can get away with a lot more your last two years.

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