A musical retelling of Sophocles' Greek tragedy Medea, with music and lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa.

The setting for this adaptation is New Orleans in the late 19th Century. The titular character, Marie, is the Medea figure, a creole woman who practices voodoo. The Jason figure is Dante Samuel Keyes, a ship's captain from Chicago.

The plot closely follows that of Medea: Marie is seduced by Dante, murders her brother, accompanies Dante to Chicago, is abadoned by him when it is politically inconvenient, and, to exact her revenge, murders their two children.

The Broadway production starred Audra McDonald. In terms of style, the music is a complex tapestry, the term "song" only loosely applicable. In many respects, Marie Christine is more of an opera than a musical. In a review that I wrote for the CASTRECL mailing list, I presented the term "music drama" to describe the style of Marie Christine.

Cast (in order of stage appearance)

The Track Listing
  1. Before the Morning
  2. Mamzell' Marie
  3. Your Grandfather Is the Sun
  4. Beautiful
  5. In an Instant
  6. Way Back to Paradise
  7. The Storm
  8. C'est l'amour/To Find a Lover
  9. Nothing Beats Chicago/Ocean is Different
  10. Danced With a Girl
  11. Tout Mi Mi/He Is My Release
  12. Miracles and Mysteries
  13. I Don't Hear the Ocean
  14. Bird Inside the House
  15. We're Gonna Get to Chicago
  16. And You Would Lie/I Will Give
  17. Act I Finale
  18. Cincinnati
  19. You're Looking at the Man
  20. The Scorpion
  21. Lover, Bring Me Summer
  22. Tell Me
  23. Billy Was Sweet/Paradise is Burning Down
  24. Prison in a Prison
  25. Better and Best
  26. Good Looking Woman
  27. No Turning Back/Before the Morning (reprise)
  28. Beautiful (reprise)
  29. I Will Love You
  30. Your Name
  31. Finale - Innocence Dies

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