One of the most well-known Swedish actors ever, Max von Sydow (b. 1929) made his international break-through in the Ingmar Bergman film The Seventh Seal. He has since had an extremely varied career, acting every conceivable kind of character, from Ming the Merciless (Flash Gordon) to Jesus Christ (The Greatest Story Ever Told).

Bacon Number: The Oracle says: Max von Sydow has a Bacon number of 2:
  1. Max von Sydow was in Judge Dredd (1995) with Diane Lane,
  2. Diane Lane was in My Dog Skip (2000) with Kevin Bacon.
Max von Sydow is one of those few actors who can make an OK film great, and a bad film OK. Notable credits include: His complete filmography runs to 129 films over fifty years as both actor and director, a large number of which are in German or Swedish.

He was born to a middle class family in Lund, and showed an interest in acting at school. After leaving the army after the Second World War he studied at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, and after graduating became a jobbing theatre actor.

He came to international attention after starring in a number of Ingmar Bergman movies, but will probably be most famous for portraying Father Merrin in The Exorcist.

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