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In one of my previous logs, I'd said that I hoped my next entry would have some good news. Well, I have good news and bad.

Good news: I've gotten back into freelance copy editing. I go to my part-time job (for which I am highly overqualified) in the morning, then I bike or catch a ride home and spend anywhere from 1-4 hours editing, depending on the workload. Next week may be less busy, but I can use that time to work on my personal writing projects. The unpaid ones that I actually care about. 

Bad news: My father has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, which is basically a really shitty condition that affects the trigeminal nerve and randomly causes excrutiating pain to the nerves in the face. It started out as short, infrequent flashes of pain that he attributed to his sinuses. Then he thought it was his tooth. Then his symptoms became worse, and he went in for an emergency dental appointment today. I'm not used to seeing my father bent over in pain, hands covering his face. It worries me. It reminds me that he's getting older and that health problems are more likely to pop up now. He was just prescribed anticonvulsants, so hopefully those will help him. As for long-term treatment, it varies from person to person. He may be able to manage it with medication, or he may need surgery. He can't drive right now, and he won't be working tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should try to help out with his business, which is really busy right now. It's physical labour, and my back sucks, so I don't know. I'll see how tomorrow pans out.  

Good news and bad news: I'll have a car as of next week. Before my father's condition got really bad, he made arrangements with a guy he knew who owed him a favor. He got me a used car for a good price. I can't help but feel spoiled. I was never that kid in high school whose parents bought her a brand-new car for her 16th birthday. My university wasn't paid for. I didn't buy (or ask for) brand name clothes. None of that. That wasn't me. And even though this car isn't new or particularly nice looking, it's an expensive gift, and it makes me feel spoiled.

Still, I'm excited by the possibility of driving again. I've had my license for over 15 years, yet I haven't driven since I was 21. I like the idea of being behind the wheel again. Public transportation here sucks ass, so a vehicle is basically mandatory. It's not even realistic for me to ride my bike into work every day, not when it's cold and rainy like it has been this week.

I have no other major news to report. I did a girls' night last weekend at my friend's place, out in the sticks. The sound of peepers came through the bathroom window. We made naan bread pizzas and got drunk on coolers and Kahlua. I had some Tequila Rose. We played Qwirkle and Cards Against Humanity. I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time. The next morning, we sat outside on lawn chairs, drinking coffee and enjoying the sunny weather. I bitched about my ex. We went inside and ate scrambled eggs, little yogurt cups, and chopped berries. When they dropped me off, I showed them my garden-in-progress. We got mild sunburns. I didn't realize how much I'd missed these friends until I came home and began to spend time with them again. I'm lucky they still live here.

Everything happens for a reason. I still struggle to eat lunch every day, and I have no clue where I'm going in my life. But I believe I'll find my way.

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