If our civilization were wiped off the face of the earth and replaced by a new civilization, the new civilization would make some shocking discoveries; they would have good reason to believe that a mouse and a clown ruled our culture. It may seem improbable at first but with a little thought, it all makes sense.

It is very likely that about ninety percent of all households in America, as well as a good portion of households worldwide, have some likeness of Mickey Mouse in them. Plastic figures, stuffed animals, pictures, mouse- ear hats, and other novelties representing our favorite little mouse would be found at every archaeological dig performed by the new civilization. It is very possible that these figurines would be viewed as political figures or royalty of some sort.

Nearly every city and town in America has a McDonalds in it. A good deal of the major cities worldwide have McDonalds as well. The remains of these fast-food stores may be interpreted to be actual temples or monasteries. Ronald McDonald would be seen as the minister or even god of the temple. The high number of the McDonalds temples would lead archaeologists to believe that it was a worldwide religion.

While we know that we don't worship a clown or accept legislature passed by a mouse, this may not be as clear to others. We may have made some far off hypotheses as to the lifestyle of our ancient ancestors. We base everything we know about ancient civilizations on things that we dig up out of the ground. Is it not too far-fetched to consider that a lot of what we think we know about these ancient cultures is false?

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