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The breed of dog with a name that nearly always gets a laugh.

The miniature schnauzer is an extremely affectionate and loyal sort of dog, characterized by the whiskers around its face forming a beard, curly, wiry fur, and a squarish head and body. Most miniature schnauzers have cropped ears, but this is not always the case any more, and, in fact, this practice is banned in the UK.

The miniature schnauzer was...um...created by breeding small standard size schnauzers with poodles and Affenpinschers. The actual breed of the miniature schnauzer was established in 1859.

The miniature schnauzer has a wonderful temperment. They are fearless guard dogs and insistent barkers, but this can be molded with training.They are also instinctive sniffers. Though extremely intelligent dogs, miniature schnauzers can also be independant and stubborn, prefering to find their own amusement rather than perform silly tricks.

The miniature schnauzer is my favorite breed of dog, and is wonderful with humans of all ages, even young children. This breed is also adaptable to any size home, be it an apartment or a large farm.

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