Professional wrestler and diva.

Noreen Greenwald was born in 1978 in Forest Lake, MN.

First wrestling for the WPWF (World Professional Wrestling Federation) in Florida in 1997, Greenwald, wrestling under the name of 'Starla Sexton' won the WPWF Women's title. Her performance in that match attracted the WWF, who had her wrestle Jacqueline at a WWF Raw television taping. The Jacqueline vs. Sexton contest was shown on WWF Sunday Night Heat.

Greenwald worked predominately on the Florida independent scene until landing a job with WCW in 1999. The WCW creative department gave Greenwald the alias of Miss Madness, and put her with Macho Man Randy Savage's Team Madness along with Gorgeous George and Madusa. Greenwald was in Savage's corner at the 1999 Bash at the Beach PPV in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, when 'The Macho Man' pinned Sting in a tag match to capture the WCW title. However, a week later on WCW Monday Nitro, Miss Madness and Madusa had a major falling out, and Savage fired Miss Madness from his group.

The public firing by Savage turned Greenwald babyface. As a result, she was given a new ring name - Mona. After dropping a mixed gender match on the December 2, 1999 episode of WCW Thunder to Madusa and Evan Karagias, Mona missile dropkicked Jeff Jarrett, but received a guitar shot for her efforts. The following week Jarret's sponsor, WCW creative director Vince Russo, 'fired' Mona. She returned to Nitro on the St. Valentine's Day 2000 episode, but it was apparent that the WCW creative team had run out of ideas for her.

Off camera, Greenwald trained women at the WCW Power Plant training facility in Atlanta, GA, but on-screen, she was relegated to wrestling on WCW Saturday Night. In the summer of 2000, WCW released Greenwald, and in August, she officially signed with the WWF.

After coming to terms with the WWF, Greenwald worked out at the IPW training school in Florida, and then in Memphis until she made her television debut on the November 6th edition of Raw, attacking Trish Stratus. Three nights later on WWF Smackdown, Crash Holly officially introduced Greenwald as his 'cousin' Molly Holly. At Survivor Series 2000 Crash, Molly, and Steve Blackman defeated Stratus and T&A (Test and Albert).

In May 2001, Molly's relationship with new arrival Spike Dudley caused friction not only between the Dudleys and the Hollys, but also between Molly and her cousins and Spike and his brothers. The two became outcasts from their respective families, their 'Romeo and Juliet'-style love angle getting them over as major babyfaces with the WWF fans.

Molly and the question of defending her honour has not only elevated both her and Spike to feuding with such main-eventers as Steve Austin and Kurt Angle, but also led to some pretty vicious beatings for both of them. Molly has been put through a table at the hands of the Dudley Boyz, and been Stunnered by Stone Cold.

Greenwald's future in the wrestling business looks bright. She is already an inductee into the Southern Championship Wrestling Hall of Fame, and at only 22, she has both the wrestling talent and the beauty to shine in this business.

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