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A Sanrio character, born in 1991 with the full name Oyama no Monkichi which translated to English means "Monkichi of the Mountain".

Monkichi is one of Sanrio's most popular and enduring characters. He is a little boy monkey and holds the world record for speed banana eating (the record being set at 10 bananas in under 1 minute).

Monkichi was born in the mountains of Japan and likes to spend his days with his friends:

Momo, a little girl monkey
Monsuke, a scatterbrained and freckled boy monkey
Monta, Monkichi's young brother
Okichi, a handsome boy monkey with thick eyebrows
Oo, a very "relaxed" boy monkey with ruddy cheeks who hates maths
Chieo, a spectacled boy monkey who has ESP.

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