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Mother's Daughter is the 6th track on Santana's breakthrough and now classic 1970 album Abraxas. Written by Gregg Rolie, it's 4:25 minutes long, which is about the same length of every other song on the same album. The song was recorded at Wally Heider Recording Studio in San Francisco on June 11, 1970. Like most Santana songs, it's light on lyrics and lays on funky grooves like grandma's gravy on Thanksgiving. It's filled with a phat bass line, flowing Latin percussion, a deliciously low-key organ accompaniment that pervades the entire song. With plenty of mini-guitar solos by the man himself, it's a great example of the solid work that fills the rest of the album, despite being overshadowed by the more popular tracks that made the album famous. Almost the entire last two minutes of this song is comprised of a wicked guitar solo by Carlos that cuts out for a moment then crescendoes all the way to the end where everything fades to silence. It's a rocking tune, and a little more lyrical than some of the other songs on the album. Along with the somewhat similar 8th track Hope You're Feeling Better, it acts as a sandwich of hyperactive classic rock commentary against squares and fakes surronding the beautifully understated instrumental song, Samba Pa Ti.

Artist: Santana
Title: Mother's Daughter
Album: Abraxas

Got no time for foolin' with you baby,
Your stupid game is about to end.
You played it out,
Thought you had it made,
And it looks like someone passed you by again.

I left her standin' in her corner,
She told me she was tryin' to find her way.
I've got to leave before I get much older,
Cause she ain't moved in nearly forty days.

I've got a woman that's treatin' me better,
She takes her time and she ain't so cruel.
I've got someone to take you over,
Your mother ain't so bad,
What happened to you?

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