The splendiferous mudflap girl can be seen on the bumpers of pickup trucks and the mud flaps of big rigs all over the South. She is a flat, shiny, naked chrome girl, riveted to the vehicles of (presumably) straight guys.

This node is really funny to me because I thought of something completely different from the title. Completely different, yet oddly on topic. Let me explain:

I met this girl a few years ago that I really liked. She was an ex-punk, not the prettiest girl, but she had these huge blue eyes that were beautiful. She was also chock-full of attitude, which I dig. When we first met, our flirting consisted mainly of us threatening to kick each other's butts, with the occasional "Bring it on, punk-ette!" thrown in. This earned her the girlfriend codename of "Firecracker" in my group of friends, since none of them can ever keep any girl's name straight. I go out on a few dates with Firecracker, things are goin' good. We're having fun, having a few drinks, laughing, generally chattin' it up. Well one night after closing out this bar, we go back to her place and things get kind of hot-n-heavy. Actually, they were gettin' hot-n-heavy in the car on the way there, I'm not really sure how we ever made it home. get the point. So we're in her bed getting it on, I flip her over for a position change-up and...I crack up laughing. Tattooed on each butt cheek is one of those girls from the mud flaps! She had mud flaps tattooed on her ass, and I thought it was the funniest thing in the world!

Well the laughing fit threw off the groove for a bit, but we recovered. From then on, (and tie-in to node topic...) she was known as Mud Flap Girl, or "Mudflaps" for short. We broke it off after a while, but to this day whenever a story comes up from around then a friend will ask me "Isn't that when you were dating Mudflaps?" and I just can't help but laugh. It sure made for entertaining mornings watching her walk through the room with them mudflaps bouncing around.

So now whenever you're on the road and a truck pulls in front of you with those flaps, you can think of this node, this story...and Mud Flap Girl.

sorry :)

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