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As a hot snack or meal, top ramen is a cheap-ass means of filling up one's stomach quite nicely. Neoguri is a seafood flavored Korean ramen characterized by thicker udon-style noodles, bits of vegetable, seaweed, and shellfish (all included in a dehydrated seasoning packet), and an incredibly spicy soup base. Averaging $.59 per package, neoguri not only is light on the wallet, but is also worth every cent. Be forewarned that the level of spiciness ranks quite high (as are most Nong Shim brand ramen). A novice ramen consumer might find the overall spiciness a bit overwhelming, but more experienced eaters could consider the amount of hotness just about right. Ramen is usually prepared by pouring boiling water in a bowl with the contents of the package, covering the bowl with a lid, and setting it for abour 5 minutes. An alternate preparation method would be using the stove (which is what I usually do).

Other super-spicy noodles from Nong Shim include Shim Ramyun, a mushroom flavored ramen; and Champong Noodle, squid flavored ramen with a picture of a cartoon squid in an apron participating in the destruction of its own species.

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