A comedy panel game on BBC 2 about pop music, similar in style to They Think It's All Over, Mike Reid's Pop Quiz, et al. Hosted by Mark Lamarr with team captains Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes (recently replaced by Bill Bailey), and four special guests from the worlds of pop and comedy. Much of the humour arises from Lamarr's obvious contempt for teenybopper acts, and all three regulars' delight at bewildering American guests. With Cornish renditions of hiphop standards, for instance.

The rounds include:

Indecipherable lyrics (now discontinued, I think, because it took ages): The teams have to explain what the lyrics of a particularly indistinctly delivered song are, firstly making a humourous phonetically similar version (such as the line "Is there any jam?" appearing in Blur's Song 2), and then trying to get the real lyrics.

The Line-Up/Where are they now?: The audience are shown a clip of a band from yesteryear. The teams then are shown a line-up of five people, one of whom was in the band. They have to guess which one it was. This usually involves Sean and Phill chatting them up or requesting them to do silly things.

What happened next: another discontinued round, the same as the one from A Question of Sport but with music video footage instead. Ran out of steam once the supply of hair metal videos had been exhausted.

What's the connection: What fact/piece of trivia/anecdote connects two disparate pop acts.

Intros round: A firm favourite, where the captain and one team member have to onoematopaically perform the intros of songs, and the other team member has to guess what they are.

What's the next line: the deciding against-the-clock round, where Lamarr reads out lines from songs, and the team have to deliver the next line. Especially good when acts don't recognise their own songs.

"I've been Mark Lamarr, and I'm not afraid of any ghosts."

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