This is one of the many hilarious opinions I encountered when chance put me in a waiting room with this book somebody had left behind...a book on radical feminism. I don't remember who wrote this sucker, but it was excellent--some of the wildest fiction I have EVER read! Among the tasty, tautological, and totally trippin' tidbits I found in the book were Newton's surprising underhanded intentions to use his Principia Mathematica for evil purposes: Apparently, mathematicians are highly excitable people, and Newton, in giving them all that hot, fleshy math, was actually getting them all geared up to go rape some innocent interns. Not only THAT, but Beethoven wasn't about passion or art--it was all about rape! What we so blindly misinterpreted as lust for life in the famous Ode to Joy is actually a whole fourteen minute song about getting off. Er...oh, and somewhere in there she makes that a bad thing, but I don't remember exactly how. See, Beethoven (and all the other male classical musicians who we somehow know so much about), when he wasn't busy writing those measly symphonies about his dick, was busy arranging the whole political scene of Austria so that no woman composer, no matter how talented, would ever become famous. And, as this woman (I think her first name was Susan or something...) points out, he obviously succeeded, because obviously all women composers were far superior to Beethoven and his pithy peers.

I wish I could remember her name...I would write her a letter, offering to take up the cause on the other side. I could bring to light all those awesome male seamstresses and singers and clothes designers and whores that we've missed out on all this time.

Oh, and those of you with a classical music fetish will find this funny: This woman actually approved of Ravel's Bolero. Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
The quotes about Beethoven's 9th Symphony come from Susan McClary - a respected feminist musicologist.

The basic idea was that Beethoven's music has a succession of peaks - crescendos followed by falls, and has a general dramatic shape. She says this is equivalent to male preoccupation with the orgasm, which is the male dominating the female, and the only music which isn't sexist is minimalist music which doesn't have any peaks.

This argument fails on several points:
1- Women have orgasms too - some of them have them quite often and enjoy them just as much as men do, or so I am reliably informed.
2 - It is possible for a man to have an orgasm without dominating a woman in any way.
3 - There are peak experiences, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, which are not orgasmic.

Basically the argument is that anything which builds to a point is sexist.
I assume, though I have not read the book in question, that the argument about Newton's Principia is much the same - the structure of mathematical proof does after all build up to a definite end point. Whether that is the argument or not, and whether it is a reasonable argument or not (I don't think it is, but that is open to argument), if Harding does use the phrase 'rape manual' about the Principia (and I have seen that phrase attributed to her in several places, and never seen a denial, unlike the false attributions of 'All men are rapists') then it is as crazy as it's made to sound. The Principia has nothing to do with rape, and any suggestion that it does says far more about the psyche of the person making the claim than it does about Newton.

People who make these claims do not, however, represent the majority of feminists, and it is important to keep that in mind. There are people in any group who have ridiculous extremist ideas, and it is important not to let them be the standard image one has of that group. Not all feminists are Susan McClary any more than all conservatives are Pat Robertson.

I shall carry this rape-througout-history argument further, just to show you how much it pervades humanity. After reading this, you too will realise what a rape-world we live in.
  • War is just a big way for the men to keep the oppression constant. If one society starts to wake up and allow women to be free, then all the men in that country just stand back and let the invaders come and rape the females into submission. Some more extreme examples occured when the wonderful matriarchical tribes were exterminated by the evil patriarchical ones.
  • All innovation by men is rape-related. Take machine guns for example, to continue the war theme. It is simply some sick man's dream of rapid fire ejaculation so he can impregnate as many others as possible. And don't get me started on grenades (which should really be called orgasm-ades).

    You can see examples of this rape-technology everywhere in our perverted society. Aside from the obvious rape bias mentioned above that is inherent in rape-music and rape-math, take a gander at this list:

    • The word "gander" as I just used is one part of the rape-language that we give the innocent little name "English". "Gander" has obvious rape connotations that I will not describe in order to conserve space. Let's just say that it sounds like thought control to me!
    • Books. You may think that books are fine little things, but they are one of the most rape-perpetuating things in our literate society (Ever wonder why males are so interested in literacy?). The space inbetween the pages obviously represents the female's inner genitalia. The reader is forced into a process of raping each page successively, as a sort of indoctrination for little boys. And how about the downward direction of reading? It just enforces the male to, when looking at women, to automatically gravitate his eyes downwards. Then what does he do, but fixate, as usual, on sex.
    • Credit cards. There are the insertion type readers (how blatant can you get?), and then there are the slot-swipe readers. Both are obviously a sexual expression from the designer. Regardless of the system, the credit card always plays the role of the penis, ejaculating its information into the system without being affected itself.
    • Gravity. Newton's rape encouraging "theory" says that all matter attracts to other matter. How convenient for somebody who wants to get close to everybody else. "It was gravity that pulled my penis into her!"
    • Socks. These are obviously a male reminder to not wear condoms on his penis (instead to put it on his feet, no less) so that he can impregnate as many women as possible. Ever wonder why socks were a concurrent invention with condoms? Now you know!
    • Trees. They were invented by men as an obvious reminder to keep sticking your penis-roots into Mother Nature. Also, the tree itself is obviously just a big giant self-replicating penis idol. As civilisation developed men have opted in for their much larger phallus-buildings to replace the trees.
    • Gas pumps. Anything nail/screw related. Strawberries. Coins. Boxes. Oprah Winfrey (a man in disguise). Matter. Television. Everything2. Tables. That spot on your back that's difficult to scratch. Flowers. Cute animals.

      All invented by men to perpetuate the rape culture that they hold so precious.

  • Now, let's pick a field of science. Any field at all. How about ... Superconductor Physics. Ah, I can hear the physicist asking now, "What the hell do superconductors have to do with rape?" Well, for the obvious-disabled people (MEN), let's take a look at what one big topic in SC is right now: high-temperature superconductor. High-temperature superconductors would allow electrical energy to be transported efficiently over large distances. The males will use this technology to simply transport rape over large distances. They won't have to make the effort of actually leaving the house, and so will make frequent rapes from the safety of home to innocent women all over the planet. I tell you, superconductors are not a good thing!
This node clearly perpetuates rape, so I will stop writing it. Sorry if I pissed you off.

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