For the North American market, the Nissan 200SX is essentially a 2-door Sentra (at least after 1995). Previously, 1988 and earliar, it was based on the S?? platform. In Asian markets it is still based on this platform and may also be called the "Silvia 200SX".

The S?? and B14 (Sentra-like) 200SXs are two very disimilar cars. I don't really know much about the S?? 200SX. But...

The B14 200SX was introduced in 1995. The base model weighed in at around 2400lb and came with a small 1.6l engine called the GA16DE. Its output was rated at 115hp and 105 ft/lb at 6300 and 5400 RPM. Its fuel economy was its biggest plus, 40 mpg highway. This is not the car you want if you want to have fun.

For that, you want the top of the line SE-R model (a badge many think it didn't deserve, costing more and being slower than the previous Sentra SE-R) gained about 100lbs and contained a 2.0l powerplant called the SR20DE. Its output is 140hp and 133 ft/lb at 6000 and 4800 RPM.

The 200SX SE-R is also commonly, and relatively easily, upgraded to either the turbo-charged version of its engine (the SR20DET, currently used only in the Asian and European markets) or by slapping in an aftermarket turbo kits.

The 200SX also has a viscous limited-slip differential which tries to ensure that both front wheels get the same amount of traction at all times by balancing power output from the drivetrain. This came standard on all models I believe.

The Nissan 200SX is the performance model of the B14 generation Sentra (1995-2000). The base SE used the SR20DE, DOHC 2-liter I4 engine; its bigger brother, the SE-R, was the only Sentra to have ever used the SR20DET, a turbocharged version of the SR20DE. The SE was available in manual or automatic, while the SE-R was manual. Both are found in coupe models only.

The 200SX was never based on any Japanese Silvias ("S" generation cars), as the above writeup would have you believe; that would be the 240SX.

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