Hands-down, the greatest Nissan Skyline ever. The relative unpopularity of the R33 compared to the R32 inspired Nissan to create a sportier, more R32-like Skyline. This generation brings along six different models to Skyline's lineup.

The base model is now named the GT, utilizing the RB20DE (last year's base model used the RB20E, a single overhead cam version of the RB20DE) @ 140 hp; the 25GT-V with the larger RB25DE engine, at 193 hp; the 25GT and 25GT-X, both with optional ATTESA-ETS all wheel drive; and the turbo 25GT-t, at a GT-R worthy 276 hp. Of course, the GT-R is still present, still using the tried-and-true RB26DETT producing 276 hp at 6800 rpm (or so Nissan would have you, and the Japanese government, believe -- it actually gets about 328 hp at 6400 rpm), and even more torque (up to 289 ft.lbs. from 272) than previously.

The R34GT-R is the best yet. Now with a close-ratio, Getrag six-speed manual gearbox (the first Japanese sports car to use the Getrag gearbox), shifting is a breeze. Improved dual turbines decrease turbo lag exponentially, and allow for the greatest power possible. Like previous GT-Rs, the R34 utilizes ATTESA-ETS all wheel drive, Super HICAS all-wheel steering, and a limited slip differential. The Brembo brakes are just as good as ever, with an ABS system and ventilated disc brakes all around. A special intake on the front of the Skyline allows for airflow in cooling of the front brakes and tires. The R34 offers a new adjustable rear wing to help improve downforce and aerodynamics, with the GT-R V-spec including a front and rear diffuser, which controls airflow underneath the car and creates downforce, which keeps the GT-R on the road.

Some fun facts about the R34GT-R: Japanese tuner Tommykaira creates a specially modified Nissan Skyline GT-R, relabelled the Tommykaira R -- the fastest production vehicle available in Japan. If you didn't know, the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R had a small role in the hit movie "The Fast and the Furious", as Vince's swank ride. This cameo, along with its many incarnations of the GT-R in Gran Turismo games as one of the most highly modifiable cars, brought the sensation of the GT-R to America.

The V35 generation succeeded the R34 in 2001, though the R34 GT-R is still in production (or at least on sale in Japan, and probably Australia) at the time of this noding, until the release of the new GT-R -- if there is one.

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