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Brembo is a company which is well-known for their aftermarket automotive brake components. In fact, they are considered (both by themselves and others) to be the "worldwide leader in brake system technology". They are a leading provider of performance braking systems and components, and a great deal of the research done on braking systems comes out of Brembo. They are QS-9000 and ISO 9001 certified.

Brembo actually owns both the foundries for production of the initial materials, and the manufacturing plants which turn those materials into finished products. Their machining processes are generally considered to be top-notch. They perform every step of the process, from refining to distribution, including prototyping, testing, and assembly.

Brembo brakes are standard equipment on Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz cars, and on such extreme machines as the Ford GT and Dodge Viper. Their aftermarket brake parts include calipers, drums and rotors, and brake lines.

Brembo was founded in 1961 in Paladina, Italy. The company soon found itself specializing in disc brakes, which were exclusively imported from the U.K. at the time. They entered into a supply contract with Alfa Romeo in 1964, and became the official supplier of brake components to Moto Guzzi in 1972. In the eighties, they began supplying Porsche, Mercedes, Lancia, BMW, Nissan, and Chrysler. They went public on the Milan Stock Exchange in 1995, and now sell over 900 products world wide.

As of January 16, 2002 Brembo's main North American office is located at 1585 Sunflower Ave., Costa Mesa, CA, 92626. Their toll-free number (Inside the continental U.S. is (800) 325-3994. Outside that area, the voice telephone number is (714) 641-5831. They have other facilities in Laredo, TX; Novi, MI; and Mooresville, NC.


Website: Brembo Italy (http://www.brembo.it)

Website: Brembo North America (http://www.brembo.com)

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