Born in Manchester, England during the year of 1935. Attained a degree from Yale in the USA and is without question the most influential British architect of the last 30 years. He is responsible for some of the most elegant modern architecture , in existence across the world, these include; the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Stanstead airport, Bangkok airport, the Reichstag and unfortunately the beautiful but dangerous millenium bridge in London.

Again, I'm in danger of being radically opinionated again but here's the thing: I'm not a big creationist, in fact completely the opposite, I'm a great believer in all of Richard Dawkins ideas on evolution and how it's responsible for how we came to be. Let's just imagine though, for fun, that creationists are right, the universe is here by design. I think it would be cool if due to some paradox of time the inhabitants of the universe could elect a new maker, a new god , to redesign everything, from the smallest flower, to the blue whale. In which case my vote would go to Norman Foster.

I'm not saying the man is a god because........ well he's an architect but he deserves to be and it would be cool if he was.

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