Back in the old days, when people started using computers instead of the mail to get things like noding done on a regular basis, this was a major issue on the site. People were noding at a terrific rate and it would become apparent that the noder was nodding while noding, but no one said anything about it and it just went on.

There is a rule in life: If you see something say something. I think that applies here.

"What is the harm in nodding while noding?" you might ask. Well, in the grand scheme of things it isn't all that important really, but this is where we get around to the concept of micromanagement. This is the management of very small things, like nodes and writeups, and it falls on certain people to shepherd the flock into the pen where they can get their noding done. Well, what if some of the flock is nodding while noding and some are fully conscious while noding and focused on the task at hand? The quality of nodes becomes hit or miss or even sketchy, which I believe was once a mall store before the great mall cataclysm. In the store version, I believe some of those words would be capitalized if we were talking about that mall store. Maybe they still have them in strip malls. I really have no idea. Look into it on your own if you want, but I'm not wasting any more time arguing about it with you. It is a waste of time honestly. Your head is like a block of cheese sometimes. Remember when Ronald Reagan summoned all those blocks of cheese to feed the elderly with? That was something. Five pound blocks of cheese. "Here, eat this you old sod." Those were the days. Some serious Jesus (linked in case you weren't aware of all the business involving him) vibes there with the cheese summoning and distribution. I was impressed.

So, what steps can you take as a citizen of Empire Everything2? It starts with writing down what you have seen. Make a note of what you have noted from the behavior of the noder who you believe to be nodding while noding. From those notes you can write a scholarly paper about the witnessing you have witnessed as part of being a witness to someone nodding while noding, which is what you are noting. This scholarly paper needs to be concise and to the point and then mailed to "Nate" at PO Box 101, Pyongyang, PRK. He'll get back to you maybe on your report or he will send it through what are ostensibly known as "channels."

Write that down. It is important information. You will unravel more clues later as your mind commits to unraveling what is raveled. I would not recommend going to Pyongyang in person with your report. The last time I went to the brand website home offices in Pyongyang, I waited in the lobby for two hours while this North Korean gentleman kept badgering me. He would yell "Our efficiency impresses you!" When I moved to the other side of the room to get away from him, he came over to me and yelled the same thing at me again. Eventually I left as I couldn't even get these people to admit that the home office was there. They kept laughing at me and I don't like that, but I didn't kill anyone because I don't want to set off a World War in which the wrong side wins.

Now, what are some of the dangers of nodding while noding that you should be noting in your notes along with the factual evidence about what you have witnessed as a witness to these events as they transpired, i.e. first hand report?

One of the dangers is that while nodding a noder may node words that do not exist because fingers are not paying attention to what keys they are tapping due to the nodding behavior of the noder. This is important to put in the report as a reminder to the home office that you are not just a snitch, you are making the report on account of the dangerous dangers that endanger the site, such as writeups containing writing of the kind where many of the words are made up on the spot and are unknown to the reader, which can cause a reader to read elsewhere instead of on brand website because they fear more nodes containing words made up on the spot by a noder who was nodding while noding. Put this in your report each time.

This is not the only danger. If you are concerned about the welfare of others as I am trying to be (part of making better choices moving forward), then you must consider the welfare of the noder in your report to the home office about the nodding while noding behavior you have first hand witnessed. What if the nodding leads to what is called "nodding out"? Now we have a danger to the welfare of the noder and we must take this into account in our notes.

"Nodding out" involves completely losing consciousness, and whether the result of falling asleep while noding or bleeding out from a gunshot wound while noding, it is all the same. The head can hit the edge of a desk or the keyboard of the computer and the noder can be injured. Note this in your notes about the nodding while noding behavior you have witnessed as a first hand witness to nodding while noding. Put it in there every damn time. We need to care about each other. I don't care what the Constitution says. I'm turning over a new leaf (or at least yearning to turn).

At the conclusion of your report you want to write a summation of the evidence and the reason you are recommending harsh sentencing. This will include your first hand account of the facts of what you have witnessed as a witness to nodding while noding, being certain to give the noder's name and some things you've noticed about them in general. Then remind the home office that nodding while noding carries risk both to the nodes and the noder. Then get that report in the mail.

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