" - Nice brassiere!"

I pull my slouchy T higher, so it won't happen again. The sneak-peak just electrified me with rapture shivers.

From the swirl of thoughts that keep popping inside my brain, I just don't know which one to pick first.
I want to ignore them all, because they're not supposed to be spawned.
"Why is he staring at me with those famished serpentine eyes?! Stop that! Stop looking at me, please, you're making my skin burn! "

" - Oh, and by the way, your feather rocks!"
I delve downwards at my silvery feather pendant, which is motionlessly quiet inside my d├ęcolletage, like a shy teen in the presence of a flamboyant woman.
"God! I knew I shouldn't have worn this awful T-shirt! It just has a mind of its own...Or his..."

Cheeks are raped by a rosy flush of blood highly saturated with endorphins. Luckily the dim lights in this room are on my side.
Bass voice is pounding inside my bronchi. Or somewhere wrapped and trapped between my ribcage:

"- You're such a tease! "

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