An OS Nazi is a person who forces the idea of using one operating system over another. Certain users of non-Microsoft operating systems are accused of being "OS Nazis" because they talk about only one OS (Be it Linux, *BSD, MacOS, or even OS/2).

IMO the true OS Nazi Should not be those who want to discuss the benefits of using the non-Microsoft software. The operating system revolution should not be like Adolf Hitler's rise to power, but more of the Russian Revolution but without the fate of falling into the bad implementation of communism that was forcefully ended in the 1990's.

We're not going to kill the Microsoft users; we're going to let them go at their own pace to use something as user friendly as the old stuff. If they're gutsy enough to hug and kiss Tux, so be it.

The true OS Nazi would be Microsoft, who wants hardware manufacturers to make drivers only for Microsoft Windows. I guess it is Microsoft who wanted the MPAA to license DVD playback hardware/software for Windows-only hardware manufacturers, and to have the MPAA give no regard to Linux. It is Microsoft who allowed the creation of Winmodems, leading to people not able to use Linux in cheaper computers equipped with them.

Otherwise, you can look at this:

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