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Fear of gaining weight. (AKA Pocrescophobia)

Caused in part by beauty magazines telling women that men want strange alien mutants instead of human females.

The story usually starts with a desire to become slimmer.  In order to achieve this the potential-sufferer must avoid things that cause weight gain.  Avoidance enhances the fear of something.  Thus a habit of avoidance is started and this can lead to a sense of failure if weight is gained.

Added together with the ludicrous pressures of society, cat walk freak show stars (AKA super models), fear of failure, demands of potential mates and spiral into the dieting trap that weight loss programs are anyway is it any wonder that teen suicide is at an all time high?

Obesophobia destroys lives.  It is a problem and it is ok to ask for help.

For further reading try bulimia, anorexia, phobia

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