Last year 24 Hour Fitness in San Francisco put up a billboard that showed an alien space ship with the caption, "When they come they'll eat the fat ones first".

Okay, it's insensitive, I admit, but I thought it was damned funny. But I was alone, I guess, because this billboard sparked a lot of protests and was the impetus for the San Francisco City Council to enact an ordinance to specifically ban discrimination based on obesity.

That's fine. Really. I think fat people are people too and that they should have the same opportunities as everyone else. But, frankly, I think it's unrealistic to believe that when the space aliens come, they'll give a tinker's damn what any stupid local ordinance says. I'll bet that when they come, they'll say, "Fuck off. I have a foot-long anal prober and I'll eat whomever I damned well please."

But I think that the billboard got it wrong. I think when the aliens come, they'll want meat, not fat, so they'll actually eat the overly-muscled, bulked-up freaks who feel the need to work out 24 hours a day.

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