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2011-10-28 07:21 UTC

Some hours ago, I had a hard time telling the facilitator of a weekly group for transgender people and their allies I attend that I really like her hair style, as well as asking her if she gets it done in the same city I live. I was so nervous about asking her in fact, that a) I had to wait until everyone else left at the end of the meeting, b) I was shaking, and c) I felt like I was going to cry. I happen to find her attractive, so some of this behaviour shouldn't really be a surprise. I like the way she looks, and at a minimum, would like to look more like her.

I am not fully transgendered (MTF in my case) but do question both my sexual orientation as well as gender identity a bit. I would like to better learn how to cross dress and get comfortable in female clothing, as well as matching up the right styles and the like. As I still live with my parents, and they aren't fully accepting of LGBTQ people, this isn't exactly a very easy thing to just go try out. Not to mention the hate crimes that still go on to transgendered (as well as plenty of other) people.

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