I am not Bob Dylan.
I will never be Tom Lehrer, Tori Amos, Billy Bragg.
I can’t match M.C. Escher;
I don’t think I’m Nick Park Two, or Jacob Epstein.
I’m no Mandela, Che Guevara, or Karl Marx
And I will never be as funny or as wry as Martin Millar,
Have the wit of Douglas Adams,
Or the punning skills of Pratchett,
Or the sweetly scathing genius of Vonnegut.
I’m not John Gribbin, Ian Stewart, Stephen Hawking;
Never will be Lewis Carroll or Lord Byron.
There's no way that I will ever wield a brush like Zandomeneghi,
And hardly anybody even knows now who he is -
He could never be a Degas with that name.
I’ve no hopes of being Gaiman, or Jack Kirby.
I can not beat Miyamoto
In fact I even don’t know
Whether I could ever match American McGee...
It's just I think I'd be a fool to let that stop me.

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