Album released in 1989 by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

On the back of the liner notes:

All Praise Be To The Almighty
And the Lord will become King
over all the earth on that day the
Lord will be one and his name one.
Zech 14 Verse 9

This is the generation of them who seek him....

Our generation must make the change. Selah

  1. Black My Story (Not History)
  2. One Bright Day
  3. Who Will Be There
  4. When the Lights Gone Out
  5. All Love
  6. Look Who's Dancing
  7. Justice
  8. Love is the Only Law
  9. Pains of Life
  10. Urb-an Music
  11. Problems
  12. All You Got
  13. When the Lights Gone Out (Jamaican Stylee)
This is a traditional camping rhyme and sung either alone or as a verse in the song I'm Going Crazy.

I first heard it while on a trip with my aunt and cousins. My aunt was a scout leader for the Girl Scouts. We sang a lot of silly songs while on the road. There are many minor variations around, and this is the one I learned.

One bright day in the middle of the night
two dead boys got up to fight
back to back they faced each other
drew their swords and shot each other
the deaf policeman heard the noise
and came to shoot the two dead boys
if you don't believe my story's true
go ask the blind man, he saw it too

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