This phrase is usually accompanied by a sore arm. I've moved around a lot, but in every place I have lived, this small tradition has existed. It seems to appeal to children and adults alike.

chaosbreather: Both Fondue and myself are Brits, I don't know if the Americans have this tradition.

This is a very strange custom. If you do it to someone, they can't do it back to you. But, you have to do it before noon for it to count. Also, notice that it doesn't really rhyme very well.

I don't make the rules...

In Australia, this particular activity is called 'A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month'. I happen to like this version better, as it is more poetic than the crude American version.

The victim piched and punched can then respond with 'A kick and a flick for being so quick!' also with Australian rules.

The rule that a 'pinch and a punch' must be implemented before midday was an unofficial addition introduced in 2000 by a large Melbourne community of enthusiasts who sought to make the rules of the custom less flexible. The new 'rule' quickly garnered attention and regard, however, many have opt its inclusion from the official custom.

It is NOT official in any sense and nowadays, is only given practice within local Melbourne communities and by bogans. It is completely understandable that Sydney-siders would have no idea of such silly and bogan-like rules. In fact, it is silly that aside from the fact that it must be implemented on the first day of the month, that a part from that, there are any other rules!

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