The Apple Power Mac 7100/66 was manufactured for less than 1 year with its inception date being March 14, 1994 and its discontinue date being January 3, 1995. It was one of the initial machines introduced in the 7000 series.

Supports all versions of Mac OS from 7.1.2 to 9
Processor= PowerPC 601 at 66 MHz (33 MHz bus, 32K L1 Cache)
Logic Board (motherboard) equipped with 8 MB RAM standard
32-bit Addressable Memory
Maximum memory supported= 136 MB RAM (more may be possible against manufacturer's recommendations and with minor modifications in configuration)
Ethernet ready (requires external transceiver)
3 Available NuBus Expansion Slots
SCSI Hard Drive
2X CD-ROM Drive

The 7100/66 was considered an excellent choice for school science and computer labs. Many are still in use today as low-end workstations. Their compact design makes them particularly suited to small classrooms with little demand for the power of the newer G3 and G4 processors.

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