A type of woman found throughout North America. The primary care giver of the modern family. Often referring to themselves as stay at home moms. The difference between your average housewife and a prozac housewife, is the psychosis constantly boiling right under the surface of their calm and orderly demeanour. Trusted with always being cheerful, and keeping the family from falling apart can cause a great deal of stress in the life of women who once thought their lives could be eventful and fulfilling.

The best example of a prozac housewife is Marge Simpson, who has had her fair share of psychotic lapses, always to return to the family and continue making lunches for little Bart and Lisa. There aren't many prosac housewives in pop culture venues, because the entertainment industry is run by men who would prefer it if their housewives continued to think that everything was fine, normal, and happy.

But really, how much ironing can you do before you want to start running people down with your car? Think about it.

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