QWest Communications is the self-proclaimed global leader in Broadband Internet-based communications. With one of the largest, most technologically advanced networks in the world. With it's recent merger with US West it is expecting a combined 2000 pro-forma revenue of over $18 Billion. Offering everything from DSL, to local and long-distance phone service to 14 states and just as many countries, QWest is on a road to success.

For those of you not in their service area, and not seeing the TV ads that they run... here is a taste...

an older man walks into a dirty motel presumably in the middle of the desert
The younger girl behind the counter answers questions from the man about hotel amenities.
She says that they don't have anything he is asking for.
Being a bit gruff and sarcastic, the man asks, "
Well what do you have?"
real casually, the girl says

Every movie, ever made, all the time." or something like that.
How is that possible? the man asks very disturbed and bewildered.
Cut to QWest logo, and byline... QWest, Ride The Light !

Qwest, despite being a pretty new company, already has a horrendous reputation for customer service. Admittedly, a good portion of that came from US West, but they've earned the rest. Trying to get your frame relay looked at is akin to running through a bureaucratic maze the size of Kentucky. I've seen them have several-day response times to stuff likfe a downed T1. Around here, they're now known as "QWorst" (see US Worst).

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