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(a few days previous)

expansive gesture to cord on which reside two miserable christmas cards:

"How festive. You should hang a sign under it reading:

Which of the following seasonal activities did p_i not engage in last night?

  • 1) Eat an unripe persimmon on a concrete parkade barricade.
  • 2) Discuss Hitler with an overly-friendly security guard between mouthfuls of Slurpee
  • 3) Blow columns of bubbles flights into and above oncoming traffic
  • 4) Exchange presents with friends and family
If you guessed 4, you win our special holiday no-prize - a home version of this game! Congratulations, and thank you for playing!

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

I have this disconcerting feeling coming from the sense that I have that my body is falling apart. The cold in my house creeps into my bones in painful ways it never used to. I don’t know if this is the fact that I’m not used to it since I’ve been gone so long, or something more. It keeps me from sleeping nights. My habit of crouching up into a ball when I’m cold has my back in tatters and my hips feeling large, stiff and cranky.

I did my standard function in the house tonight of handing out presents to everyone in the family to open. I’ve been doing this since I was old enough to read who each package was for. But halfway through, this time, my knee started to give out. Stand up, sit down, kneel, duck under the shelving unit that serves for a tree, stand up and crouch again. I made it without mentioning anything, but painfully, and it’s one of the first times my injury’s started to keep me from doing the things I’m supposed to. The things I want to do.

I see my grandmother’s arthritic fingers and cataract-laden eyes, smiling in a deafened cocoon that keeps the world a little bit farther away through sound. I wonder if this is what’s coming. It’s a glimpse coming to me at 20 years old of a place that I hope is still far away, and only a glimpse. But I want to get working before I run out. Before I can’t move and before I can’t write and paint and see.

It happens so quickly sometimes.
Merry Fucking Christmas.

Every year it gets more and more depressing for me. But nobody cares, not even me anymore. Christmas is a holiday where friends and family come together and share love, warmth and affection for each other. Well, not for me. My health is failing, my "best friends" have been anything but, and my family utterly hates me now. Yay me. I'm going to take all the money I've ever saved up and fly myself the fuck out of here. I might never get a college degree, but I'll be able to be on my own, not having to worry about anyone but me. That's what I want for Christmas. I need a new start away from this stale place, this god damned computer, these words on the screen that rule my life, and the people who pretend to be my friends. Could it be any worse?

It's too early. I have a 4 year old nephew screaming in my ear that I was wrong, and Santa didn't bring him brussel sprouts like I had suggested would happen, because he was a "little stinky wooly woofter".

Maybe I'm getting old. I can't cope with the little swine jumping on my stomach. What is worse is I have a 4 year old neice and a 2 year old nephew turning up later. Add to that I can never sleep right in my parents spare bed and I may as well walk around screaming Bah Humbug.

Christmas is for children and the faithful, not for those of us who are bitter and twisted.

Still they all look sweet when they are asleep. Maybe I'll feed them wine to get them sleepy sooner :)

Merry Christmas/Hanukah 5/Atheist Children Get Presents Day/Kwanzaa

Last night at my grandparent's house I got most of my presents from my relatives. My one aunt got me an entire case of Snapple lemon iced tea, another got me a sweater from Old Navy, my uncle got me a Levi's watch, and all was well there. Well most was good I would say, my one cousin insited that I was going out with this girl who was only my friend, but he was only half kidding.

Mass last night was beautiful, despite my lack of belief in the church's religion, the entire production was something to be admired greatly. They had an entire band and choir and the service started with trumpets blazing, and a procession.

Ok, enough of that, IT'S TIME TO OPEN MORE PRESENTS!

Well under the tree I find a Celestion Subwoofer which is currently entertaining me up here, and a stocking stuffed with Penguin Mints. Santa sure does know lots about me! Oh well, almost time for our anual Christmas Brunch...

My grandmother, aunt and great aunt from my dad's side of the family came over this evening. The great aunt is one of the most racist women I've met. She kept going on about colored folk and niggers, then it was the Jews and Orientals. All night long, she wouldn't stop. If she weren't old and sick I would have snapped at her, but it was an interesting example of how times have changed.

Nobody I know would dare to say such things, times have changed. It really scares me to think that only 50 years ago, things were still segregated and you would be judged on your race. I don't look out and see a black, an asian, a white, I see a person, judged only upon their ideas and actions. I simply cannot grasp the concept of prejudice, it feels like an excuse for hating for no reason.

"You can't play with Jamie, she's different from you"
"But she's good at basketball"
"It doesn't matter, she's different, now go find someone else to play with"
How many times does this happen. Children don't feel hate, children find the good in one another, children love to love, and love to be loved. It is the adults who feel insecure, who want a reason to despise someone else, a reason to hate.

I don't get it, I want to love everyone, I want everyone to love me for who I am and nothing more, I don't want to be a white guy, I just want to be a guy.

Merry Fucking Christmas

Daniel's life, Christmas, 1998: monitor network, telco, and hosting operations at Qwest/ICon CMT Corp., alone, in a small windowless Network Operations Center in Weehawken, NJ, from 4pm Christmas Eve to 4am Christmas morning

Daniel's life, Christmas, 1999: monitor network, telco, and shared server operations at Bristol-Myers Squibb Corp., with one recluse cow-orker, in a large windowless Global Activity monitoring Center in Hopewell, NJ, from 6pm Christmas Eve to 4am Christmas morning

Daniel's life, Christmas, 2000: monitor ear, nose, and throat flem and mucous production at kanon42's home, with many arguing "family-in-law" members.

Well, it was nice to be surrounded by people for a change, even if I'm not a follower of any particular religion. I got a Chocolate Orange (which I've been craving) and gift certificates to Tunes (a music store) and to Barnes and Noble.

I'm going to be quite happy to be out of this allergen-plagued land, though...

9:31 PST - Merry Christmas!

I'm at work. Since I'm one of the newest people, I got to cover the help desk over Christmas. Since I work for a hospital system that uses a lot of computers, and hospitals never close, someone has to be here. Its okay though - I've already done the majority of my celebrating with my family this weekend. I've been here since 7 am, and we've only had one phone call. So, I've got my jukebox computer up louder than usual and I'm listening to Nine Inch Nails. I'll probably spend most of the day reading my new books that I received for Christmas or surfing the web. When I get off work at 3, I'm going out to dinner with my fiance and my mom.

Alex (my fiance) got sick yesterday, and so we didn't go to his mother's house as planned for Christmas Eve fun. We aren't sure if he has the flu or food poisoning, but since his muscles are hurting in his legs in addition to being queasy, we figure its the flu. He doesn't have a fever though, which is good. We spent most of yesterday napping together or cuddling on the couch watching movies. He kept telling me to go home and get away from him because he'd make me sick. I told him to quit being silly and that I wasn't leaving him alone on Christmas Eve. I went out for a movie, some chicken soup for him, and frozen pizza for me, and we had a nice night together except for him being sick.

Christmas was fun this year. I enjoyed my family's company for a change, which is a new and unusual feeling. I received some very nice gifts that will come in handy, like kitchen utensils and a toaster. Alex gave me a gift certificate for Andy and Bax (army surplus and camping stuff) so that I could get a new flight jacket as mine is all ratty and old. Alex also told me about the engagement ring he has on order at a jeweler. He had one custom-made for me. I was, and still am, very touched by that. He's so great!

I hope everyone has a peaceful and happy Christmas. I am very lucky to be so blessed this year, and I wish the same for everyone else.

[ Dream Log ]


Merry Christmas to everyone who are logged on in Christmas day... and belatedly to everyone else who will read this stuff late. =)

So, what happened today?

Well, this, for example:


Ack. Sorry for ruining your Christmas... Sorry sorry sorry...

In hot questions, I used my webcam to get my pic, here I used a digital camera we had borrowed. (My "real" camera could have been used, but it didn't have the flash...)

I also snapped a floppyful of other, less hideous pictures. Maybe I should post them. (Will go to the album later...)

I also helped my father to HTMLify one document and put it to web. And Such. Big Yawn.

"Silent night, holy night..." =)


OK, I'm officially an idiot, not able to get even simple nodes made right... =(

Bye. (For while... Need to see Bond, James Bond...)

Navigation stuff coming later this year...

Nodifications to the (Sur)Reality: Dream Log: December 25, 2000 Persuadertron Syndicate Wars

Last night was photogrophy night.

cobie and me were bored and driving around Boston after 11pm. Finally found an open dinner at the edge of Chinatown. We were both hungry. I had chocolate chip pancakes and cobie had a BLT. The waitress was pretty cute and was in a somewhat silly mood. The other waitress had dreadlocks going down to half her back and had an interesting tattoo on her upper right arm. I forget the name of the diner tho. But doesn't matter.

Anyhoo, after leaving we noticed quite a few locations and objects that would be nice to take a picture of at night. We headed back to my place, picked up the digital camera, chatted on #everything briefly of course, and we were on our way out to Boston again.

Took tons of still pictures. They will be rather dark since I can't control the exposure time on the camera and could not use flash. Afterwards we drove around aimlessly, going through Coolidge Corner, Cleveland Circle and chatting. I did not get back home until 3am.

Unfortunately I had set the camera in flashpix format instead of plain jpeg. gphoto does not seem to understand flashpix. I'll have to download the images at work.

Well it's Christmas day today and a solar eclipse in progress. Made a pinhole on a large thick piece of paper and held a piece of white paper behind it. A small image of the sun with a bitemark showed up. It did get noticable dim outside as well. Cool.

Well I'm off to see family. Bye.

In The Evening

Well, I was thinking that I'm not going to do a Day Log today but now, while listening to Orbital's "brown album", or "Orbital 2", as it is also known, everything seems crystal clear.

I've browsed the E2 for whole day, (just call me addicted) again - I think I should have been reading some books... but what the heck, I'm on holiday and I should not think about my work at all.

I discussed with some of my friends that maybe we should go out today, but it turned out that we couldn't agree what to do. I was willing to go out for coffee or something, and one of the guys wanted to get really drunk, which doesn't work for me, as I have to go see my grandparents tomorrow, and wake up quite early. So having a hangover would not be nice. And one of the guys was on countryside, so we would have to had him picked up by car. He would have had sauna there though, which would have been fine, but wasn't ok for one guy...

I'm currently sitting on my newer pc, just because it runs Linux, and I can see websites with flash-content. That poor FreeBSD netscape can't do flash properly, or actually that flash-plugin is really crap. And I have a nice 19" screen here, compared to FreeBSD-box's 17". No wait. Nobody wants to know that. Ooh, crap.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I was thinking I'm having a good day today, but seems like it's bad one.

I've decided not to bother moaning (this isn't a moan, it's an observation -- read on) about meaningless downvotes on a batch of my new nodes.

Some things need to be noded. Sometimes, there's no great way to do it. Sometimes it's more important that the information is here (and accurate and accessibly presented) that be witty.

And hey, it's a dirty job but someone had to do it.

Christmas Day. Ate lots of chocolate and did some time-shift viewing. Openned presents. Broke the washing machine. sigh

Oh yes - some of the chocolate decided to get its revenge and the wrapper cut my finger. :-(

Wow! What an amazingly uninspiring Christmas it was this year. It didn't snow, my mother had to work and so there was no Christmas dinner, relatives live too far away to visit. I can just barely conjure up memories of a time when i used to actually get excited about this most wondrous of days. I could hardly get to sleep at night and i was dragging my parents out of bed as soon as the clock hit 7:30. Now you need to drag me out of bed and i refuse to get up any earlier than 9am.

The magic of Christmas or commercial brainwashing? Maybe I'm just a cynic.

Anyway, merry Christmas everyone, i hope you all had / have a great day.

Bah humbug. Where are the Ghosts of Christmas when you need them. ; )

So I'm in North Carolina, at my mother's house, where my belongings were already, for the most part, stacked and boxed; my stuff has been warehoused here, much of it since the 70's, and now I'm trying to corral everything into some sort of form for a moving company to take them to Brooklyn. After decades as a professional student and slacker, I have my first "real job", and the chance to live in the same location as my possessions, and with no roommates or housemates. As I collected more books, records, amps, synths, and cheesy sport coats (not quite as loud as the ones The Replacements took to wearing, circa 1987), most of my things would end up sitting here, even when I was elsewhere. Now I'm wondering if it will all fit into a small one-bedroom apartment.

I got here at 5:30 AM Saturday, after my flight, scheduled to leave LaGuardia at 9 PM Friday, suffered all sorts of delays (and one brief cancellation) before getting there after 2 AM. The man at the gate managed to scrounge up some airline snax and bottled water for our long wait; his day was even longer than ours, plus he had to be back at LaGuardia at 5:15 AM.

I slept for most of Saturday, got up, and started packing; I quickly ran out of moveworthy boxes -- I'd kept a lot of books and odds-and-ends in tomato crates over the years, but deemed such boxes inappropriate. Half of my synthesizers still had the boxes they came in, so it was short work for those; the same goes for my PC monitor, while the case part still awaits a big-enough box. The computer will be the last thing packed, being haphazardly set up for scavenging purposes -- old e-mail, JPEGs, an old utility for the Akai S950 sampler, my Slashdot password, and other things which can be evacuated onto floppies before I wipe the drives clean back in NYC; I don't trust the moving process enough to let the evacuation wait -- my video card already goes nuts whenever I open up the case, so a long trip in a moving van can only bring new wonders of malfunctionry to the various creaky parts of Frankenputer.

Saturday evening, I went to CompUSA, the only place I knew of that sold iMacs, to get my mother's Christmas present -- the base-model iMac, minus the digital-video goodies. I told my mother for months that I'd get her one, either for Christmas or for her birthday in January. The salesperson, apparently a new hire for the holidays, with braces, an accent that was from an English-speaking land (not this one), and a throes-of-puberty almost-moustache, quietly walked over to me and asked if he could help. I took charge and barked out my order -- the cheapo iMac, a longer phone cord than the one that comes with it, and a floppy drive. We went around the Mac quadrant, in search of the latter two (I'd already been standing by the iMacs to begin with, so no search party was needed for that); he eventually found the cord, while I, a few minutes later, found the USB floppy drives. I also chose an extra 64 MB of memory. After paying, while waiting for the memory install, I wandered the store, trying to avoid impulse buying; I bought headphones, since my ten-year-old Walkman headphones are a pain to wear at work.

I presented my mother with her new computer that night, and she gave me some "but I thought you were just joking" protests. Nope. Teaching her how to use a computer is like teaching someone to drive who has never seen an automobile. Mum only needs to do three things -- e-mail, web surfing, and word processing. Fancier things can wait until these things are mastered. At this point, even using a mouse is perplexing for her, and the dark keys of the keyboard make it hard to see what's what. I've already downloaded (against my better judgment) Netscape 6, and configured bookmarks, the ISP account, a desktop folder for documents, etc. I'm trying to make this beyond user-friendly, as much as I can -- click the "Browse the Internet" icon, click a link, and the OS will do the dial-up for you. I'll be lucky if she can grasp the concept of e-mail by the time I leave; if she can do that, then I can continue helping from a distance. All that's down-pat right now is "don't just hit the on/off button when you're done with the computer".

During this packing, I'm seeing things I haven't seen in years -- a 1985 receipt from an A&P in Chapel Hill (was it on Airport Road? I can't remember), two old computer magazines from the 70's (given to me by someone in the Computer Science department at N.C. State, when I'd begun to show an interest in programming), old LPs that I'd forgotten were stashed here, like Yes' Relayer, Funkadelic's Hardcore Jollies, two of the first three Patti Smith albums, and Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything, the last unplayed since a roommate gave it to me before running off to Jamaica. Who knows if any of these are even playable? I'm dragging three mothballed turntables with me, and once I install new styli, I'll begin to see which of these hundreds (thousands?) of vinyl artifacts will be keepers, envisioning filling a giant hard drive with a meticulously digitized-and-compressed library of everything from Peter Kowald to Joni Mitchell to King Crimson to The Smiths. Yes, I'm too cheep to replace any of them with CDs.

Other signs of penny-pinching: I'm taking a 15-year-old television to get fixed tomorrow, since the on/off knob isn't on-ing; you can't even buy TVs with knobs these days, I'll bet. I'll be taking some ancient guitar-synth pickups to get fixed back in New York, if anyone can fix them, that is. There are many better guitar synthesizers around these days, but none has the feature that mine has -- IT'S PAID FOR. The same goes for various other odds and ends; some, like my old Portastudio and various pieces of stereo equipment, will just end up in the landfill, paid-for or not.

Victor Borge died late last week. It was pledge week on a lot of PBS stations, and in New York, you get a double-barreled dose, via two large entities, WNET and WNYC. On one of the last nights of the "festival", the first half was to be devoted to Mr. Borge, with a VHS set of his being one of the premiums given for a healthy pledge, with a program called British Invasion, presumably with a similar VHS "gift", taking up the other half of the evening. Mr. Borge was even there in the WNYC studios, having, I suppose, come down from his home in Connecticut to help out with the festivities; he didn't look like a man with days left to live -- in fact, the news reports of his death mentioned that he had concerts booked for some time to come.

Now Mr. Borge, 91 years young, and a national treasure on two different continents, is a charming man and a great entertainer, but I was actually waiting to see the Brits; knifegirl had even humored me by letting me stay up and watch, in lieu of our usual activity of wild sex on the coffee table while discussing Soren Kierkegaard's influence on the life and works of Lester Young. I'd surf over to WNYC every once in a while, and still see the visage of Victor, either live or from some concert tape or decades-old TV appearance. I'd fume a bit, wondering when the rawk would start, and resume channel surfing.

I hadn't really intended to watch British Invasion, I just wanted to catch the first few minutes -- the Times TV listings only mentioned the title, nothing about who was on. I imagined it would be some sort of oldies concert, with performances from the likes of Gerry Marsden or Freddie Garrity, both now of grandfatherly age, or the last surviving members of The Merseybeats, or always-ready-for-the-cameras Eric Burdon. I had a morbid curiosity in seeing these old people, just for a minute, and maybe a desire to cringe at Freddie huffing and puffing, in an attempt to do his famed dance steps. (Mr. Borge had the right idea, perhaps, developing an act early on that would gracefully grow old with him.)

I couldn't imagine sitting through two hours of such a show, with between-segments visits, no doubt, from local DJ Cousin Brucie Morrow, reminiscing about his days at WABC and WNBC, spinnin' the trax-of-wax. It's those trax, plus the archive footage from the TV appearances and the films some of the bands made (hoping to ape the successes of A Hard Day's Night and Help!) that interest me today far more than whether or not a 60-year-old man can Do The Freddie onstage without scaring the medics. Of course, it may well have been that British Invasion was a documentary, and not some concert -- I'll have to investigate this further.

As it turns out, the Brits never surfaced; at 11 PM, WNYC resumed its normal programming, an hour of news from BBC World. Wrong Brits.

There was something about the poppier, less musicianly/R&B-purist of the beat groups -- the sound of a bunch of lads goofing off, with the resultant noise being played, several times a day, on hi-fis and radios from Bristol to Brampton to the Bronx. This kind of stuff is lost forever, relegated to the ghettoes of college radio. You damn kids don't understand what's been lost with the hyper-corporatizing and hyper-careerism of pop music that took off in the early 70's (led by CBS, bought out years later by Sony, and by the company now known as AOL Time Warner, who now own the rights to the 60's films of Herman's Hermits and the Dave Clark Five), after the successful proof-of-concepts called Monterey and Woodstock (and you thought it was about "peace and love", man -- fools!). Nowadays, everything is painstakingly polished, produced, and marketed like some new SUV or blockbuster cineplex fodder -- a goof-off's giddy innocence can now only come from the IS-404G Giddy Innocence Simulator, which costs as much as a fancy condo, far out of the price range of the average garage band.

Today, I will somehow pack, without boxes until Boxing Day; Sunday being both a Sunday and Christmas Eve, my last-minute search for boxes proved fruitless (but I bought an O'Reilly Python book, right before the bookstore closed at 6 PM -- my gift to me). Somewhere in this house is a copy of the Dave Clark Five's greatest hits, if I haven't given or traded it away at some point; if found, I'll put it on my mother's Victrola, and pogo to "Glad All Over" or something while I work.

Dropping the turkey on the floor, and having all that boiling water splash on my feet didn't ruin Christmas. The pink undies I recieved from my grandma made up for it.

...but do you recall... the most famous reindeer of all?

I am renaming my famous reindeer to Paxil. It meshes well with Vixen and Prancer. I have not been faithfully updating my Paxil Diary, and that's because I don't think anything's been happening... it's been about three weeks, and I haven't any indication of the shoe being lifted off my tick tick heart. I am still in a perpetual state of ehhh, trailing off into a void.

For this reason, I am glad that I am not seeing my family for Christmas this year. I have spent Christmas at work so far, and when I go home, it will be to the cat. I would rather mope at the cat than at my family, who might miss me, but are likely to remember me fondly. If I were there, I'd be sulking in the bathroom, or in a corner of the kitchen.

Merry Christmas indeed, for the good of the family. On Paxil, on Prozac, Wellbutrin and Xanax!
Well, I don't celebrate Christmas, but my grandma's birthday was today. She was her usual grumpy self in the morning but a good lecture from my mother set her straight and she was nice and sweet the rest of the day. We got her a sweater and flowers. Then, in the afternoon, we had dinner and we wished her a happy birthday. She smiled(she never smiles)and said thank you. Then we ate the delicious dinner that my mother made. Today is also sad day because today is also the day that my grandpa died. I was four or five, I can't remember.

I feel really bad for my grandma because imagine your spouse dying on your birthday, but we haven't talked about him today. Usually at the end of the day I'm sitting near my grandma and she says," It has been 10 years since he died." Then she would sigh and walk away, but not today. I dislike my grandma but I still love her and I think the only reason she is a bitch is because of all the pain she has been through.

Hmm. I was a typical Jew on Christmas. Spent time on E2, wandered around town, went out for Chinese food, and went to see a movie.

Well, I tried to see a movie. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was sold out for the next three shows! I've never seen such a swarm of the Chosen People in my life...apparently, the Lord Chose us all to go to the movies today.

In the Chinese restaurant where I had lunch, around half the tables were occupied. Someone sneezed and the whole restaurant shouted 'Gesundheit!' and then roared with laughter. This has happened to me every Christmas I can recall when I've gone out for Chinese food. It must be one of our Secret Yid Traditions.

I decided not to wait for the movie, and came home and played with the ferrets, drank a bit, and here I am on E2.

I feel as if I am with family and friends. Thanks, all.

Merry Fucking Christmas to me too.

Seems as though all of my "friends" neglected to give me a present. Not that I'm one for getting presents, but maybe just once I could know what it felt like to be cared for. Maybe I'm wrong in assuming the worst, but isn't it always better to assume the worst? Fuck this Christmas, postcards have been non-existant to my mail man. No one but Girlface as of now, and those who have sent one, thanks, hopefully it's in the mail. But then again it's been in the fucking mail for a long time now, gee, I wonder where they fucking are. Life's a bitch and so am I, at least for today.

A good day. Non-annoying relatives came for Christmas Dinner. I got some pretty cool presents. It snowed.

And then I got a killer headache and went to bed at 10.30.

On the pressies front, from my parents, I got a bunch of Pantone markers, some advanced driving lessons, an electric shaver, and four pairs of socks. From one of mum's friends, I was given some eau de fcuk toiletries. And a silly, silly Girlfriend remote control from someone else. (eg, press the mute button, and it says "shut up!").

And dad's cousin's son (just what kind of relative is that?) forgot the big bag of apparently really cool pressies :)

The goose mum got for lunch went down well, and we had a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (the board game) afterwards. We lost, oh no!

And I even managed to avoid the computer. Well, almost all day.. :)

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Reading all the daylogs above, I get the impression that the message of christmas hasn't really sunk in around here. Everyone whining about how much their day sucked, how much they hate christmas. Well, I believe that christmas is all about goodwill to all, so I am not about to try and dump any of my problems onto you. I love you all, thank you for enriching my life with your words, you really have made at least one person's life better this year.

Thank You All

My first christmas as a fiance. The first christmas where I woke up all sleepy and icky, but happy because I knew I wasn't alone. Getting ready, choosing clothes for a relaxed family gathering. Braving the cold, damp biting winter wind to walk to my Mother's house, only a short, relaxing walk during summer, but brisk, invigorating walk during winter. Show my beloved houses and paths and trees; here the rabbits come out to play at dusk, there the streetlight is not working which makes this path scary at night. This is the third time now that my parents and my fiancee have met, so things are more relaxed even if people are still nervous. Time to exchange presents; not expensive or extravagant - there are no children present to get whipped into a consumer frenzy. This christmas from my Mother and StepFather, there are thoughtful and unusual presents; proper walking socks, code books, mini fake tattoo kit, body shop things, wind chimes and best of all, a completely unexpected artists' mannequin. Something I mused about several years ago, and now I get one, completely out of the blue. For them, there are books for the boys, and a nice body shop box for Mother. For my Dana, my Mother gives rose scented drawer liners and much rose scented things.

Hmm, I am perhaps focussing too much on the presents here. What I mean to say is that the exchanging of gifts this year had a special feel to it. The presents were all very well received, everyone was genuinely happy to both give and receive this year.

Then Christmas dinner, a british version which confuses our american guest. Dana hasn't eaten brussel sprouts before, or even heard of party poppers. Christmas Pudding is a new treat for her as well, but perhaps it is an acquired taste :-) We don't consume vast quantities of food or alcohol, which prepares us for a more relaxed rather than comatose afternoon. The Queen's speech is watched, but no one knows the words to the national anthem, Dana wonders why but also likes our queen. Then a family afternoon film but my brother and stepdad depart upstairs to watch James Bond. So, cuddles on the big sofa, cups of tea and fleecy blankets keep us warm in our flimsy smart clothes. Then home to watch Titanic, and I admit I got a little misty eyed towards the end.

Then sleep, and another day with my beloved begins.

A wonderful christmas, a wonderful life beckons.

We opened our gifts at around 1 or 2am since we were still up from christmas eve. I got a bunch of panther stuff, including a large plushy panther. It'll have to go on the couch because it's too large for my monitor :)

I tried to call Sara three times. I got her voice mail. Everyone says she never has her cell phone on, I guess it's true. The last few times I called I didn't expect to get ahold of her, but I liked to hear her voice on the voice mail greeting. I left her a message wishing her a merry christmas and that if she got the message to give me a call back.

We went over to my aunt's house for dinner, which turned out a little better than I expected. Me and my brother rode together in his truck so we could leave if it started to suck.

We left and went over to meet a friend of my brother and then drive back to my parent's house. We watched Fight Club; my brother hadn't seen it before. It got eaten by the VCR when we tried to catch some of the still frames. DVD's are better.

I had a hard time sleeping, all of the good spots were taken. I had a lazyboy to sleep on, but I can't fall asleep wehn I'm flat on my back, so that wasn't too good.

Sara didn't call back :( She probably won't turn her phone back on until she's back in town. Unfortunately, one of the main things I wanted to know was when she'd be back.

Sorry for the delayed account:

My cousins had a baby, her contractions started on the 24, she had the baby in the evening on the 25th. It's also a solar eclipse. Hmmmmmm....

They named the baby Daniel. I spent all day in the hospital with her and her husband and rest of my family. No big deal, we are Jewish, Christmas is just a day when everything is closed.

I was suppose to have Christmas dinner with my ex's Catholic family, but Lena went into labor, so I just saw John for a few in the evening. It was weird. Hanging out with exs always is I suppose. He gave me two books I wanted. Mefisto and The Last Kabalist. That is good, work is boring, so good books are welcome. Spend all rest of the night hanging out with my friend Cosmo, the other lonely Jew on Christmas. We drove around looking for an open place to find coffee. Even Denny's was closed. Hell has frozen over.

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