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Band Lineup

Steve Albini - guitar, vocals. Also known for Big Black, Shellac, and as an excellent music producer.

David Sims - bass Also known for Scratch Acid, Jesus Lizard

Rey Washam - drums Also known for Scratch Acid, Big Boys, and Ministry


Major Releases

They also released a couple of 7" records.

Of Interest

  • Rapeman is named after an adult Japanese comic book. Apparently the main character does what his name suggests he does.
  • Budd is named after R. Budd Dwyer. A former treasurer for Pennylvania, he shot himself in the head during a live, televised press conference. You can find video of it online. I've heard that if you see it, you'll never be able to forget it.
  • There's a song on Two Nuns and a Pack Mule called "Kim Gordon's Panties". It is called that both because the song sounds like a rip-off of a Sonic Youth song and because Kim Gordon had taken off her underwear and thrown it at Albini (or the audience, depending on the source) a few times during concerts.
  • Sources:

    Action Park:Rapeman http://www.petdance.com/actionpark/rapeman/discography/ Date accessed:04/29/04. Contains a slightly fuller discography than I chose to use. I omitted bootlegs and didn't include a compilation that contained songs on the "regular" EPs.

    Rapeman:Biography http://www.artistdirect.com/music/artist/bio/0,,482967,00.html?artist=Rapeman ARTIST Direct Date accessed:04/29/04.

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