What it is:

A national identification card that all people living in the United States will be required to have if they are to do any business with the Federal Government (open a bank account, go to a VA Hospital, have, or collect social security payments).

Is this a proposed ID?

No, it is a reality. It is called the Real ID Act. The idea was introduced by House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner (Republican-Wisconsin). The act was passed by the House of Representatives on May 10, 2005. Now, while that doesn’t make it a law yet, our beloved President is sure to go, “What? A law that poses risks to civil liberties? I’ll sign that!” If it becomes law it will take effect May 2008.

States do have the option of opting out.

Why did it pass?

Apparently it was attached to an emergency spending bill for Iraq.

Why it is bad?

I’m decidedly against this bill, but then again the Department of Homeland Security scares the hell out of me.

Gives the Federal Government (specifically the Department of Homeland Security) greater power to track citizens. As much as I like the government looking over my shoulder, I think I’ll pass.

Takes away driving licenses from illegal immigrants. Will this keep them from driving? Probably not.

Citizens of States that opt out can’t use any sort of Federal Service and can’t fly. They also can’t leave the country (and getting back in is like-as-not to be harder).

Identity theft: Because these cards are to be stored on one all-seeing all-knowing database there is some concern about identity theft. This doesn’t worry me as much as being tracked day and night by the FBI.

Now, maybe this will make it harder for terrorists to enter the country. I don’t know. It’s really a pity that I don’t believe myself to be in any danger from them. I’m more likely to be killed by a pig today than a terrorist tomorrow. I’m more scared to drive on the roads than I am of terrorists. Therefore these ID cards are useless to me except as a way to make me paranoid about the government.

The cops in the city I live in are crooked and incompetent. I do not want them knowing more about me than necessary, not even that, if possible.

Pros: One… maybe. Cons: Around five.

Good Lord, the answer is clear enough to me. Because tomorrow truly belongs to me (A not so subtle reference to one of the evilest governments of all time).


http://www.unrealid.com (no secret where these folks stand)


Weekly Alibi V.14 No. 32 August 11-17, 2005. Pg. 31


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