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If you couldn't guess, REDRUM is "rum."

and damn good rum at that.

REDRUM is distilled from the Virgin Islands sugarcane and infused with natural flavors of mango, pineapple, coconut and berries. REDRUM is bottled at 70-proof, in a cool-as-hell red bottle!

you can drink REDRUM just like you would normally drink rum -- mixed with fruit juices, sodas, or blended in exotic foo-foo drinks -- as it simply makes your favorite cocktails taste better. You also may enjoy REDRUM straight, or on the rocks.

my personal favs are REDRUM and Mountain Dew, or REDRUM and Sprite. both lend simple carbonation and a slight citrus flavor. ginger ale also works well. ask for REDRUM at your favorite bar or liquor store, and if they don't carry it yet, leave pissed off and make a scene.
REdrUM is seen and written by the child (Danny Lloyd) in Stanley Kubrick's horror movie "The Shining." Danny writes it in red on a door in the room that he and his family are staying in. As his mother (Shelly Duvall) wakes up from taking a nap in the room, she looks across the room into a mirror and sees MUrdER. Tony (the "little boy that lives in" Danny's mouth) also often says redrum through Danny as a way to warn Danny of the evils of the hotel.

Redrum: The Shining II is also the name of a video game that is intended as being a sequel to the movie.

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